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Police not able to find Mamunul

Coronavirus kills 94 people in a day, death toll crosses 10,000

780 beds at ICU level for critically ill patients

Second wave of corona has increased the rate of infections and deaths among minors

Former Law Minister Abdul Matin Khasru laid to rest

Afghanistan: Kabul blast leaves 1 soldier killed 

Kabul: An ANA soldier was killed and three others were injured as a vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Paghman district of Afghanistan Kabul city on Sunday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen leave policewoman wounded

কাবুল: আফগানিস্তানের দক্ষিণাঞ্চলীয় হেলমান্দ প্রদেশে রবিবার অজ্ঞাতপরিচয় বন্দুকধারীরা এক পুলিশ মহিলাকে গুলি করে আহত করেছে বলে গণমাধ্যমের খবরে প্রকাশিত হয়েছে রবিবার।

Afghanistan: Female doctor killed in Nangarhar IED blast

Kabul, March 4: Just a few days after three women media workers were killed by Islamic state militants, a female doctor was killed in an IED explosion in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

Afghanistan: Car bomb attack kills six, injures four in Herat

Kabul, February 25: A car bomb attack killed at least six public uprising force members and injured four others in Afghanistan's Herat province on Wednesday night, local media reports said.

Afghanistan: Unknown gunmen kill surgeon

Kabul, February 24: Unknown gunmen have killed surgeon Dr. Khalil-ur-Rahman Narmgo in Afghanistan, media reports said on Wednesday.

Gun attack kills two in Afghanistan's Herat

Kabul, February 22: At least two people were killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen in Afghanistan's Herat on Monday morning, According to local media reports.

Afghanistan: Five policemen killed in Kunar blast

Kabul, February 13: At least five policemen were killed in a blast in Afghanistan's Kunar province on Friday night, local media reports said quoting provincial council member Din Mohammad.

Taliban attack kills Army commander in Afghanistan's Uruzgan

Kabul, February 8: Clashes with the Taliban militants killed an army commander in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province, local media reports said on Monday.

Nangarhar blasts leave policeman killed in Afghanistan

Kabul: At least one policeman was killed and seven others were hurt as two separate blasts hit Nangarhar region of Afghanistan on Sunday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Kabul blast leaves three people, including a Hindu, dead

Kabul, February 6: At least three people, including a Hindu person, were killed as a blast rocked Afghanistan capital city Kabul city on Saturday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Taliban attack kills 16 security force members in Kunduz

Kabul, February 5: At least 16 security force members were killed and two more were wounded in an attack carried out by the Taliban in a security outpost in Afghanistan's Kunduz on Thursday night.

Afghanistan: Suspected terrorists kill religious scholar

Kabul: Suspected terrorists killed a religious scholar inside his home in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan on Sunday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: One person dies as two blasts hit Kabul

Kabul, January 30: At least one person died and three others were hurt as two explosions rocked Afghanistan's Kabul city on Saturday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Bomb explosion leaves three people hurt

Kabul: A bomb explosion rocked Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province on Sunday which left at least three civilians wounded on Sunday, media reports said.

Blast targets government official's car in Kabul

Kabul, January 18: A day after gunmen opened fire on a vehicle and killed two female judges of the Supreme Court in Afghanistan's Kabul, a car carrying a Telecommunications and IT Ministry official was hit by a magnetic bomb on Monday, local media reports said.