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Afghanistan: Former journalist forced to sell food to feed family as country grapples with dwindling economy under Taliban rule

Kabul, June 19: The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August last year. This was followed by tremendous economic woes and political instability in the country, which is still ongoing. The recent economic crisis in the country has come to light in a recent incident.

Afghanistan: Parents forced to sell children in wake of food scarcity

Kabul, April 5: The Taliban have been in power since US troops withdrew from Afghanistan. But in the war-torn country, they have not been able to turn the wheel of the economy in any way. As a result, millions of Afghans are in dire straits.

Afghanistan: Explosion rocks stock exchange in Kabul, 10 hurt

Kabul: An explosion rocked the stock exchange in Afghanistan's Kabul city on Sunday which left at least 10 people hurt, media reports said.

Over 90% of Afghanistan families experiencing food crisis

Kabul, Afghanistan: International human rights groups have warned that 90 percent of Afghanistan's households do not have access to adequate food. The situation in the country has been deteriorating since the Taliban seized power in mid-August last year.

Taliban's top sniper becomes 'Afghan Mayor'

Kabul: A young man is walking on the streets of Maymana town, people are greeting him. Damullah Mohibullah Mowaffaq, the new mayor of the city. This is his present identity, but his past identity — he was a formidable sniper of the Taliban, whose rifle shots had killed many people.

Starving Afghanistan drug addicts locked in Taliban-run detox clinics 'resort to cannibalism'

Kabul: Starving Afghan drug addicts have resorted to cannibalism and they are eating human flesh in Taliban-run drug rehab centres in the country! Danish journalists have recently made such a claim.

Taliban taking away all the rights of women in Afghanistan

Kabul, February 5: The Taliban's seizure of power in Afghanistan has proved to be a real threat to human rights, especially for women in Afghanistan. Although the Taliban wanted to allay such fears for strategic reasons, people who did not forget about their first term were not at all convinced.

Taliban burns down musical instruments of local musicians in Afghanistan, video goes viral

Kabul: A video has gone viral which showed Taliban insurgents burning down the musical instruments of local musicians in Afghanistan's Paktia province.

Taliban bans long-distance road trips for solo women in Afghanistan

Kabul, December 28: The Taliban government in Afghanistan has introduced yet another stricter rule for women as they have been barred from travelling long distances by road alone and should only be offered transport if accompanied by a male relative.

Afghanistan merchants say counterfeit Afghani bills turning up in Kabul

Kabul, December 21: Shopkeepers in Afghanistan capital Kabul are complaining that counterfeit currency is spreading in the markets as the value of Afghani is sharply declining against the US dollar.

Afghanistan: Taliban kill, ‘disappear’ ex-officials, claims HRW report

Kabul, December 3: Taliban forces in Afghanistan have summarily executed or forcibly disappeared more than 100 former police and intelligence officers in just four provinces since taking over the country on August 15, 2021, despite a proclaimed amnesty, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Tuesday.

Economic crisis may provoke extremism in Afghanistan: UN

Kabul, November 25: Afghanistan, which has had a cut off in foreign aid since the Taliban seized power in the country in August, is now facing a humanitarian crisis.

Taliban bans shows with women actors, issues new religious guidelines

Kabul, November 22: In a fresh jolt to women's rights in Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban government has asked the country's networks to stop airing shows with female actors in it.

Facebook says hackers in Pakistan targeted Afghan users during former govt collapse

Islamabad/Kabul, November 19: Social media giant Facebook said hackers from Pakistan used the platform to  target people in Afghanistan with connections to the previous government during the Taliban's takeover of the country.

Afghanistan: Taliban govt to form military court

Kabul, November 12: The Afghanistan government, which is now ruled by Taliban, has said they would form a military court within the structure of the current government.