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Afghanistan: Bomb explosion leaves three people hurt

Kabul: A bomb explosion rocked Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province on Sunday which left at least three civilians wounded on Sunday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Female journalist, driver killed by gunmen in Nangarhar

Dhaka, December 10: A female journalist and her driver were killed during an attack by gunmen in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Thursday morning.

Afghanistan people hold vigils for killed Japanese doctor

Kabu: People in Afghanistan on Thursday held nationwide candlelight vigil prayer ceremony in remembrance of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, the head of Japanese NGO Peace Japan Medical Services (PJMS), who was killed during an attack on him in Jalalabad city of the country recently.

Jalalabad: Japanese national with honorary Afghanistan citizenship killed

Kabul: A Japanese national with honorary Afghan citizenship died following an attack on him in Afghanistan's eastern Jalalabad city, media reports said on Wednesday.

Afghanistan: Suicide attack in Jalalabad city leaves 18 dead or wounded

Kabul: At least 18 people were left wounded or killed in a suicide attack in Jalalabad area of Afghanistan, media reports said on Friday.

Afghanistan: Jalalabad blast leaves 10 killed

Kabul: At least 10 people were killed in an explosion that rocked Afghanistan's Jalalabad area on Monday, media reports said.

Suicide bombing in Afghanistan kills 9

Kabul, June 13: At least nine people were as a suicide bombing targeted a security check post in Jalalabad city in the eastern province of Nangarhar of Afghanistan on Thursday, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Explosion in Jalalabad city kills 2

Kabul, Apr 9: An explosion rocked Jalalabad city of Afghanistan on Tuesday and left at least two people killed, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Explosions heard, attack underway in Jalalabad

Kabul, July 28: An attack is underway in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, where several explosions have been heard.

Afghanistan: 10 killed in Jalalabad suicide attack

Kabul, July 10: At least 10 people were killed as a suicide attack rocked Family area of Jalalabad city in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Tuesday, media reports said.

Pakistan condemns Afghanistan blast

Islamabad, July 2: Pakistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs on Monday condemned the blast in Afghanistan's Jalalabad area which left at least 19 people killed on Sunday.

Afghanistan: Blast in Jalalabad kills 4

Kabul, July 1: At least four people were killed as a blast rocked Afghanistan's Jalalabad city on Sunday, media reports said.