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PM reaches Washington DC from New York

Would have used EVM in 300 seats if I could: EC Alamgir

Contractor GK Shamim, 7 others get life sentence in arms case

32 killed after boat capsizes on Karatoya river in Panchagarh

Shakib, Puja to work together again

Learn from Sheikh Hasina, Pakistani newspaper advises

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, August 4: Pakistan's newspaper 'The Express Tribune' has published an article praising the remarkable economic development of Bangladesh. In this regard, the present leadership of Bangladesh has been given credit. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's leadership has been praised. The article mentions that Pakistan's leadership has a lot to learn from Bangladesh.

Global narco-terrorism on the rise because of Pakistan-Afghanistan: Report

Narco-terrorism may become a global reality soon. Because two neighbouring countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, have become important links in the global chain of drug production and supply, for which terrorism, extremism and radicalism have made matters worse.

Padma Bridge an example in Bangladesh's development journey: Pakistan

Dhaka, June 24: Pakistan has congratulated Bangladesh on the occasion of inauguration of Padma Bridge. Islamabad says the inauguration of the bridge is an example of Bangladesh's development journey. On Friday (June 24), the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif sent a congratulatory message to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina on the inauguration of the Padma Bridge.

Energy crisis intensifies in Pakistan, China threatens to withdraw help

Islamabad, June 8: Pakistan's economic situation is deteriorating rapidly. Some of China's influence is directly responsible for the country's dire situation. It is unfortunate that poor governance of the country, mismanagement of various resources and weak law and order situation have led Pakistan to a huge economic crisis. Meanwhile, the country's energy crisis has begun to intensify.

Chinese nationals under threat in Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Beijing, June 4: This time China is trapped in its own net. The country thought that its Belt and Road Initiative would trap the Asian countries Sri Lanka and Pakistan in debt. But the danger is here. Chinese nationals living in Pakistan and Sri Lanka are now in great danger. Indigenous peoples of Pakistan and Sri Lanka are beginning to think of Chinese as enemies. In the wake of that incident, three Chinese nationals were killed in an alleged suicide attack in Pakistan last April.

Women do not get justice in Pakistan

Islamabad, June 3: In 2016, Qandeel Baloch, a Pakistani social media star, fell prey to honour killing by his brother Muhammad Wasim. Wasim was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2019. However, he was released this February due to flaws in the law.

Who paid for Imran Khan's private flight?

Islamabad, April 21: Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan flew on a private plane from Islamabad to Karachi, which was paid for by a dubai-based businessman. There has been questions about who paid the cost of Imran's flight.

Religious violence on rise in Pakistan, says report

Islamabad: Imran Khan's government has failed to reduce religious violence in Pakistan, and this has led to a rise in the incidents of religious violence in the country. This information was given by the Indian news agency ANI quoting various local sources and media outlets.

Pakistan political crisis: President Alvi dissolves National Assembly on PM Imran Khan's advice

Islamabad: Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi on Sunday dissolved the National Assembly on Prime Minister Imran Khan's advice under Article 58 of the Constitution as the country gears up to witness yet another twist in the political situation.

Pakistani media condemns Imran Khan's untimely visit to Russia

Islamabad, March 6: Political analysts, researchers and commentators in the Pakistani media have taken a tough stand on Imran Khan's visit to Russia. They are even confused about the Prime Minister's visit to Moscow on the opening day of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Terrorism: Pakistan likely to slip into FATF's black list

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF)'s working group and plenary meeting started last Monday, February 21 in Paris, the capital of France. It will continue till March 4. The fate of Pakistan, which has already been on the 'gray list' of the FATF for the last four years, is now particularly dependent on this meeting.

OIC conference in Islamabad was a circus: Pakistan's former ISI chief

Islamabad: Pakistan's Former ISI chief Lieutenant General Asad Durrani has termed the 17th Foreign Ministers-level Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) recently held in Islamabad as a 'circus'. He recently made this remark in a virtual webinar hosted by the Development Communications Network.

Human rights situation in Pakistan stigmatized with rising cases of forced disappearance and abduction

Islamabad: The culture of forced disappearance and abductions is not new in Pakistan, but the United Nations has expressed concern that such incidents are rising rapidly in recent years.

Pakistan seeing sharp rise in corruption, sex crimes: PM Imran Khan

Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently said that corruption and sex crimes are on the rise in the country. 

Pakistan: Gun attack on car leaves four people dead in Quetta

Islamabad, January 29: At least four people died in a gun attack on a car on Saryab Road of the Balochistan capital Quetta city in Pakistan on Friday, media reports said.