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Will not allow anyone to enter the border: Home Minister

Students panic as SSC question paper leaked

Evil practice of corrupt politics in the country was, still is: Outgoing IGP

Ban against RAB aims at behavioral change, not a punishment: Ambassador Peter Haas

Coronavirus: Two deaths, 679 new cases across Bangladesh on Thursday

Pakistan continue to witness forceful conversion of minority girls

Islamabad: Pakistan, one of the key South Asian nations that is fighting a serious COVID-19 outbreak, is still witnessing forced conversion of minority girls even at this hour of health crisis.

Pakistan: Minor Hindu girl converted to Islam, married to 40-year-old man in Sindh

Islamabad: When the world is busy fighting COVID-19, incidents of forceful conversion is still being reported from Pakistan. The latest is a Hindu teen who has been allegedly forcefully converted and then married to a 40-year-old man in Sindh region of the country, media reports said.

Hindu national forcefully converted to Islam in Karachi

Islamabad: When the world is busy fighting COVID-19 outbreak, radical Islamists in Pakistan continued to convert by force, the latest being a Hindu national in Karachi city.