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Afghanistan: Taliban attack kills 16 security force members in Kunduz

Kabul, February 5: At least 16 security force members were killed and two more were wounded in an attack carried out by the Taliban in a security outpost in Afghanistan's Kunduz on Thursday night.

Afghanistan: Taliban attack kills six security force members in Kunduz

Dhaka, January 7: A Taliban attack killed on a security base in Afghanistan's Kunduz province on Wednesday night left at least six security force members dead, local media reports said quoting a provincial council member.

Afghanistan: Two security force members killed, three injured in Taliban attack in Ghazni

Dhaka, December 9: At least two security force members were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base in Afghanistan's Ghazni on Wednesday.

Afghanistan: District Police Chief among five killed in Faryab bomb blast

Dhaka, November 18: At least five security force members, including the police chief of a district, were killed in a roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan's Faryab province on Wednesday.

Afghanistan: Women and children among eight killed in Ghazni mortar attacks

Dhaka, November 9: At least 15 people, including women and children, have either been killed or injured in mortar attacks in Afghanistan's Ghazni province.

Afghanistan: Taliban terrorists fire mortars, 1 civilian killed

Kabul: Suspected Taliban terrorists fired mortars in North-eastern Kapisa province which left at least one civilian killed, media reports said.

Afghanistan: Separate airstrikes leaves 17 Taliban terrorists killed, wounded

Kabul, Apr 1: In separate airstrikes conducted by the coalition forces in Nad-e-Ali and Nahr-e-Saraj districts of Helmand province of Afghanistan, at least 17 suspected Taliban terrorists were left killed or injured , media reports said on Monday.

Afghanistan: Taliban terrorists attack check-post, kill four cops

Kabul, Sept 9: Taliban terrorists attacked a check-post in western Farah province of Afghanistan on Sunday and left at least four policemen killed, media reports said.