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Authorities fail to control homebound passengers, allow ferries to operate

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38 die with Covid-19 within 24 hours

Crowded Eid procession equals suicide: Health Minister

Sheikh Hasina prays for India as Covid situation worsens

Bangladeshis added to France's quarantine list

Dhaka, May 8: Bangladesh and six other countries have been added to the French government's mandatory quarantine list.

CAAB allows International flight operations

Dhaka, May 1: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced its decision to resume international flights on special conditions from Saturday (May 1) until further notice. A notification in this regard was issued on Friday (April 30) night. However, the notification has imposed some restrictions on communication with 38 countries.

Singapore bans Bangladeshi tourists

Dhaka, May 1: Singapore has imposed travel bans on Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The country's inter-ministerial Covid-19 task force announced the decision on Friday. Such steps have been taken due to the deteriorating coronavirus situation in India and the spread of the virus to neighboring countries, according to a report by Singapore-based news channel News Asia.

Not only expatriate workers, passengers from developed countries are returning on special flights

Dhaka, April 30: The government has allowed international flights to seven countries, including the Middle East, with special consideration for migrant workers detained in different countries. However, apart from expatriate workers, passengers from other countries, including the United States are coming on special flights.

Bangladeshis are returning through Benapole with special permission

Daka, April 28: In order to prevent a new type of corona in India, the Bangladesh government has announced a 14-day travel ban on the border between the two countries and the stranded passengers are returning home with the special permission of the embassy. However, the travel of new passport holders to India and Bangladesh is still closed.

International flights suspended till May 5, special flights to continue

Dhaka, April 28: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has decided to suspend regular flights on international routes till May 5 in coordination with the ongoing government restrictions in the country to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. However, domestic flights will continue to follow the same hygiene rules as before. In addition, considering the issue of expatriates, flights will be operated in seven countries with special arrangements as before. The decision was taken on Tuesday.

Bangladeshis stranded in Petrapole stage demonstration

Dhaka, April 27: The Benapole (Jessore) and Petrapole borders between Bangladesh and India have been closed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Hundreds of Bangladeshis are in trouble because of this. They are stranded at the Petrapole border on the other side of Benapole.

Institutional quarantine period for travellers entering Bangladesh reduced to three days

Dhaka, April 24: The 14-day institutional quarantine period for returning passengers has been reduced again. Instead of 14 days, they will be kept in quarantine for three to seven days and if they do not test coronavirus positive, they will be sent to home quarantine. The decision was initially taken at an inter-ministerial meeting on Thursday (April 22) night.

Quarantine period reduced to five days for travellers entering Bangladesh

Dhaka, April 23: The government is thinking of making the institutional quarantine for people coming from abroad by air 5 days instead of 14 days. A decision in this regard will be taken soon after discussing with the concerned departments.

Police to issue Movement Pass during lockdown

Dhaka, April 13: From April 14, the Bangladesh Police has made arrangements for the movement pass for those who need to go out exclusively within the seven-day ban. This pass holder will be able to move on the road without any hindrance.

Tourist centres in three hilly districts closed

Dhaka, April 1: The concerned administration has decided to close all the tourist centers in Bandarban and Khagrachhari due to the increase in coronavirus infection in the country. Earlier, a similar announcement came from Rangamati.

Hajj pilgrims will have to get vaccinated: Ministry of Religious Affairs

Dhaka, March 17: Those who want to go for Hajj this year will have to take the coronavirus vaccine, a press release signed by Mohammad Anwar Hossain, senior information officer of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, read on Tuesday (March 16). 

5,386 passengers among 84 UK returnees sent to quarantine

Dhaka, February 5: Authorities in Bangladesh have sent 5,386 passengers, including 84 returnees from the United Kingdom, to quarantine from Dhaka's Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the last 24 hours in between Thursday and Friday.

More than 9 lakh passengers sent to quarantine from Shahjalal Airport

Dhaka, February 1: Despite the risks and fears of the coronavirus infection, a large numbers of expatriates from around the world, including Europe, America and the United Kingdom, are returning to the country. A total of 9,08,017 expatriate passengers have returned to the country and entered through the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at different times from January 1, 2020 to January 30, 2021.

UK returnees increasing at the airport

Dhaka, January 23: The pressure of passengers returning to the UK is increasing at Shahjalal International Airport. From January 1 to January 21, a total of 679 people came to the country from the United Kingdom. Among them, more than two hundred passengers have returned in the last two days.