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Severity of floods increasing in Sylhet

Three sentenced to death for crimes against humanity during Liberation War

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury dies, aged 88

India has not stopped wheat exports: Commerce Minister

US keen to build effective relations with Bangladesh

Thousands of Bangladeshis going abroad for Eid holidays

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, May 3: Due to Corona pandemic, there were various restrictions on foreign travel in the last two years. However, due to the improvement of Covid-19 situation in Bangladesh and extensive vaccination programme, different countries of the world are now open for Bangladeshis.

Indian Visa centre to remain open on Saturday, Sunday

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, April 29: The Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) for Bangladeshi nationals will remain open tomorrow (Saturday, April 30) and the day after tomorrow (Sunday, May 1).

Tickets are on sale at the Gabtoli counter, long-distance buses to leave at night

Dhaka, July 14: After remaining suspended for more that 45 days, long-distance buses will run again from tonight. The ticket sale has started at the counters in Dhaka's Gabtoli. 

25,000 vehicles cross the Bangabandhu Bridge in 24 hours

Dhaka, May 8: People are leaving Dhaka with their families. Due to this, the pressure has increased on the Dhaka-Tangail-Bangabandhu Bridge Highway, the gateway to North Bengal. In the last 24 hours, more than 25,000 vehicles have crossed the Bangabandhu Bridge. The toll of Tk 1.90 crore has been collected. Several sources at the bridge authority confirmed the matter at noon on Saturday (May 8).

Homebound passengers crowd Daulatdia ferry ghat

Dhaka, May 7: Although there are still a few days left for Eid, the pressure of homebound people and small vehicles has increased at the Daulatdia ferry terminal in Rajbari. On Friday (May 7) morning, a huge crowd of passengers could be seen at the Daulatdia ferry terminal.

Eid Holidays: Distant buses to remain closed

ঢাকা, মে ৫ : আসন্ন পবিত্র ঈদুল ফিতরের ছুটিতে আন্তঃজেলা পরিবহন বা দূরপাল্লার বাস বন্ধ থাকবে। সোমবার (৪ মে) মন্ত্রিপরিষদ বিভাগ থেকে ‘করোনাভাইরাস জনিত রোগ কোভিড-১৯’ এর বিস্তার রোধকল্পে শর্তসাপেক্ষে সাধারণ ছুটি/চলাচলে নিষেধাজ্ঞা বর্ধিতকরণ’ আদেশে এ কথা জানানো হয়েছে। নির্দেশনাগুলো প্রধানমন্ত্রী অনুমোদন করেছেন বলে আদেশে উল্লেখ করা হয়েছে।

Emirates brings spirit of Eid to all its customers

Dubai: Emirates is bringing the generosity and spirit of Eid Al Adha to all its customers with a special inflight offering from August 11 to August 14.

Eid: Large number of crowds reach sea beach in Bangladesh

নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি, ঢাকা, জুন ৭ : বিশ্বের দীর্ঘতম সমুদ্রসৈকত কক্সবাজার ঈদের ছুটিতে পর্যটকদের পদভারে মুখরিত।