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Underpass U-loop to be constructed on Dhaka-Chittagong highway

Power generation has increased to 13,793 MW under Sheikh Hasina's leadership

Containers from Chittagong port being moved to ICD to resolve congestion

Lockdown: Record 587 arrests, fine of Tk 14 lakh made in Dhaka on Sunday

Public Administration Minister calls for formation of Covid-19 Prevention Committee in each neighbourhood

Israel condemns China's Uyghur policy

Jerusalem, July 7: Israel has taken a new stance in protest of the Chinese government's inhumane treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority. Israel recently signed a statement at the 47th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council condemning the forcible detention of Uighurs.

Beijing slammed for death of Uyghur teacher in Xinjiang detention facility

Xinjiang, July 5: The death of an Uyghur teacher at a detention facility in China's Xinjiang region has earned social media attention.

China's 'broken heads' comment triggers World War 3 fear

Beijing, July 3: World War 3 fear has been ignited after China promised "broken heads" for their enemies, perceived as a sign of threat by Beijing to the West.

Tibetans in Switzerland and Liechtenstein ask UN to hold China accountable for genocide in Tibet

Geneva, June 29: The Tibetan Community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein recently submitted a five-point appeal to the UN which includes calls to end China’s cultural genocide in Tibet, its interference in Tibetan religious beliefs and traditions, among others, during their recent demonstration held  parallel to the ongoing 47th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Martial arts school fire kills 18 people in China

Beijing, June 25: A fire that broke out in a martial arts school in China, killed at least 18 people and injured 16 others, local media said.

Hong Kong: Opposition Civic Party loses two-thirds of its district councillors

Hong Kong, June 22: Hong Kong’s opposition Civic Party lost two-thirds of its district councillors as they resigned just ahead of the new oath-taking rule, giving a jolt to the political setup of the region.

Top Chinese nuclear scientist dies under mysterious circumstances

Beijing: A top Chinese nuclear scientist, Zhang Zhijiang, has died under mysterious circumstances on Thursday, media reports said.

China: Wuhan gas explosion leaves 12 dead

Wuhan: A gas explosion in central China's Hubei Province on Sunday morning left at least 12 people dead, media reports said.

Chinese researchers claim they found new batch of coronavirus in bats

Beijing, June 12: Chinese researchers have claimed that they have found a new batch of coronavirus in bats, media reports said.

China: 3 die as coal mine roof collapses

Jinan, June 9: At least three people died after the roof of a coal mine collapsed in east China's Shandong Province, media reports said on Wednesday.

Chinese vaccine may require third dose: Egyptian researcher

Cairo, June 8: A third dose may be needed to increase the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine, said an Egyptian member of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine research team.

China: Coal and gas outburst in coal mine leaves 8 missing

Harbin, June 7: A coal and gas outburst in a coal mine in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province has left eight miners missing, media reports said on Sunday.

China carrying out cultural genocide, international community should speak out: CTA president Penpa Tsering

Lhasa, June 6: Complaining that there is an atmosphere of 'cultural genocide' in China, the top leader of the Tibetan government, Penpa Tsering, has called on the international community to speak out before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Tsering has just been elected president (Sikyong) of the 17th Parliament-in-Exile of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).

China upset over price revelation of Sinopharm vaccine

Beijing, June 5: China has expressed annoyance over the release of Sinopharm vaccine prices in Bangladesh. According to the agreement between China and Bangladesh, the selling price of the vaccine was to remain undisclosed in public.

Chinese sand dredger capsizes in Taiwan Strait, 1 dies

Beijing, May 18: At least one person died and three went missing when a Chinese sand dredger capsized around 60 nautical miles southwest of Qimei Island on Saturday, media reports said.