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45 deaths within 24 hours, country records lowest cases in eight weeks

Site where Pakistani Pakistani aggressors surrender to be made into tourist spot

Owners and workers demand introduction of long distance public transport before Eid

25,000 vehicles cross the Bangabandhu Bridge in 24 hours

Govt. directive goes for a toss as two more ferries operate to contain homebound passengers

US carries out airstrikes in Syria on Iran-backed militias after Prez Biden nod

Washington DC, February 26: Following orders from US President Joe Biden, the US Military carried out airstrikes 'against infrastructure utilized by Iranian-backed militant groups in eastern Syria', a Pentagon release said.

Joe Biden says China will 'eat our lunch' if infrastructure not ramped up

Washington: US President Joe Biden has warned that if America does not “step up” its infrastructure spending then China will “eat our lunch”.

This is America's day: Joe Biden

As Joe Biden took oath as the 46th President of the United States, he said this is "America's day. This is Democracy's day."

US Capitol: Four die during protests by Trump supporters, over 50 detained

Dhaka, January 7: At least four people died on Wednesday as supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump stormed into the iconic Capitol building and created chaos over his defeat in the polls.

Joe Biden says Donald Trump refused to 'respect' law, people's will after contesting election results

Dhaka/ Sputnik, December 15: US President-elect Joe Biden said in a speech- after the Electoral College secured his election victory- that President Donald Trump has refused to respect the will of the US public and the law by contesting the results.

Joe Biden names Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff

Dhaka, November 12: US President-elect Joe Biden has named his long time aide Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President.

White House to get DOTUS Champ and Major following Biden win

Dhaka, November 10: While US President elect Joe Biden, 77, will be the oldest to occupy the Oval Office, his dog, Major, will make history as the first sheltered dog to move into the White House.

Nelson Mandela Foundation celebrates Biden-Harris' win, trashes Donald Trump

Dhaka, November 9: Rubbing salt to outgoing US President Donald Trump's wounds, South Africa based Nelson Mandela Foundation has said that the organisation is relieved to see him defeated, while it congratulated President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden wins US presidency, Trump loses

Joe Biden has been declared 46th President of the United States on Saturday, defeating Donald Trump, US media said.

US Elections: We're going to win this race, says Biden as he urges patience, inches closer to victory

Dhaka, November 7: As the United States of America awaits the result of the recently concluded presidential polls- to determine their next president- Democrat candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has said he is winning the race.

Donald Trump's lead over Biden in Pennsylvania decreases to 0.8 percentage point

Dhaka/Sputnik, November 6: The lead of US President Donald Trump over fellow contender and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the battleground state of Pennsylvania has sunk to 0.8% point, Fox News reported.

Trump campaign files lawsuit to stop counting of ballots in key state of Georgia: Reports

Washington/Sputnik: The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in the battleground state of Georgia to halt the counting of ballots, the Associated Press reported.

We believe we will emerge victorious: Joe Biden

Washington: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday exuded his confidence that he will win the presidential polls once the counting is finished.

US election result still undecided as vote recounts, legal battles to follow: Pollster

Moscow/Sputnik: The outcome of the US presidential race is still much undecided, as the close race in some states makes vote recounts and legal battles very likely, John Zogby, a public opinion pollster and the founder of political consulting firm John Zogby Strategies, told Sputnik.

She is more than prepared for the job: Former US President Barack Obama tweets in support of Kamala Harris

Dhaka, August 12: Former President of the United States of America Barack Obama has tweeted in support of Kamala Harris, after the latter was named as ex-Vice President and presumed US Democratic candidate Joe Biden's running mate on Tuesday.