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45 deaths within 24 hours, country records lowest cases in eight weeks

Site where Pakistani Pakistani aggressors surrender to be made into tourist spot

Owners and workers demand introduction of long distance public transport before Eid

25,000 vehicles cross the Bangabandhu Bridge in 24 hours

Govt. directive goes for a toss as two more ferries operate to contain homebound passengers

Canadian parliament calls on government to declare China's treatment of Uyghurs as genocide

Toronto/Sputnik, February 24: Canada’s House of Commons adopted a non-binding motion calling on the Trudeau government to declare the actions of the Chinese authorities against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province a genocide.

China supplying clothes made by enslaved Uighurs to the world

Dhaka, December 11: The Chinese government is forcing people from the minority Uighur community into labour camps. The products produced by these enslaved Muslim Uighur workers, especially cotton clothes, are being supplied to the world market.

Treatment of Chinese govt towards Uyghur is like Al-Qaeda's attitude to non-Muslims: Historian

Albanian historian Olsi Jazexhi has compared the treatment given towards Uyghur people by Chinese government with that of terrorist group Al-Qaeda's attitude towards non-Muslims.

ETNAM appreciates US Senate for introducing resolution that calls atrocities on Uyghurs as genocide

Washington: US-based rights group East Turkistan National Awakening Movement (ETNAM) has appreciated the US Senate for introducing a resolution which recognises the atrocities carried out by China on Uyghurs as a genocide.

Uyghur repression: Demonstrators protest against China in Vancouver

Vancouver: Friends of Canada-India, along with seven other organizations, staged a protest against China's brutal repression of Uyghurs, concentration camps and for the release of two detained Canadians in China on Saturday.

Human rights violations in China: Over 300 demonstrators protest in France

Paris: French capital city Paris witnessed protests recently as over� 300 people, who belonged to several groups, gathered at the Trocadero Square near the Eiffel Tower and demonstrated against� human rights violations by China.

H&M joins global clamour in ending alleged human rights abuses in China's Xinjiang

Stockholm: Swedish clothing icon H&M has said it will not buy raw materials from China's Xinjiang region as it suspected the use of 'forced labour'.

Chinese language imposition: Mongolians demonstrate against China in Tokyo

Tokyo: A large number of Mongolians assembled in front of the Chinese embassy Japanese city of Tokyo and protested against President Xi Jinping-led administration on Aug 28.

London: Tibetans and Uyghurs hold anti-China protest outside UN office

London: Tibetan and Uyghur community members in the UK organized a ‘Black Day’ protest outside the United Nations office in London on Saturday, media reports said.

Uyghurs protest in Washington against Chinese persecution

Washington: Wearing masks, which were decorated with the flag of their native East Turkestan, a group of Uyghur Muslims demonstrated outside of the US Department of State here against their persecution and that of other religious minorities in China on Friday.

Chinese govt sponsors rape of Uyghur women through forced marriage, allege activists

Hit by sex-ratio trouble, the Chinese government is allegedly getting involved in the 'forced marriage' game by advertising marriages to Uyghur women and girls to attract men into the Xinjiang or East Turkistan region of China.

Canada: Uyghur victims narrate about Chinese atrocities to House of Commons

Ottawa: The House of Commons of Canada on Monday discussed the human rights situation of Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province where the experts discussed the threats faced by the people belonging to the minority community in the country.

Chinese companies forcing Uyghur population to produce face masks

An investigation conducted by an American newspaper has unveiled that Chinese companies are using Uyghur Muslims to produce protective gears needed to fight COVID-19 which include masks.

China is using 'debt-plomacy' against Muslim nations to buy its silence on Uyghurs: Report

Beijing: China's ‘debt-plomacy’ imposed on Islamic nations like Pakistan is the reason why these countries are silent to the alleged Chinese excesses against its Muslim population, according a Singapore publication.

Uyghur rights group asks UN to immediately strip China of its participatory status at UNHRC

Washington: Expressing concern over the manner in which China treats the minority community, a Uyghur rights group has urged the United Nations to immediately strip Beijing of its participatory status at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).