Kolkata to attract Bangladeshi tourists, CC cameras installed Bangladeshi Tourists
Collected A busy evening at Free Street area of Kolkata

Kolkata to attract Bangladeshi tourists, CC cameras installed

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 28 Nov 2023, 01:00 am

Own Correspondent, Dhaka, 28 November 2023: Everyone understands Dharmatala New Market as the heart of Kolkata. Marquis Street, Sadar Street, Rafiq Ahmed Kidwai Street, Kid's Street in this area, there is traffic of local and foreign tourists all year round. Especially, it is the least favorite place for Bangladeshi tourists. For this reason, many people in West Bengal call this area 'mini Bangladesh' within Kolkata.

Numerous residential hotels have been built around this New Market area of Kolkata. In addition to them, the food shops, shoes, clothes, jewelry and other businesses in this area are very much dependent on Bangladeshi tourists.

However, as business is increasing in Kolkata's New Market area aimed at Bangladeshis, irony is also increasing with it. It has been seen many times, while doing some shopping, the wallet has been lost from the pocket. Or the dollar in the pocket is disappearing. Many are losing their passports again. There are various types of fraud traps with it.

In this situation, for the protection of Bangladeshi tourists, a few months ago, traders in Newmarket Square installed 32 CC (close circuit) cameras. It was also announced at the time that two helpdesks would be opened by the New Market Association and Administration.

Finally that promise was fulfilled. As previously announced, Newmarket Square has been covered with CCTV cameras for the protection of Bangladeshi tourists. Helpdesk is opened. From now on, any Bangladeshi tourist will get help if they face any kind of problem in Newmarket square.

Monotosh Sarkar, a member of the Free School Street Traders Association, said, "We have held several meetings earlier to protect Bangladeshi tourists. The entire area should be made Bangladeshi tourist friendly. There will be no compromise."

He said, "There is no question about security in Kolkata. However, we local businessmen have installed CCTV cameras to increase surveillance in the entire area. Any Bangladeshi tourist can come and talk to us in case of any kind of problem."

He said, "Residential hotels, food shops, or currency exchange centers will be specially monitored so that no Bangladeshis are cheated."