Queen Rania, Google collaborate to promote Petra in Jordan

Queen Rania, Google collaborate to promote Petra in Jordan

| | 30 Nov 2015, 01:26 pm
Amman, Nov 30: Narrated by Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the Petra Street View video will be featured on the Google search homepage of different countries around the world for 24 hours at a time, alternating across continents over the next few weeks.

Queen Rania and Google recently collaborated on an international campaign that aims to promote Jordan, Petra, and the country’s many rich wonders to the rest of the world.

The campaign features a video tour, available globally on YouTube, of the rose-red city and is narrated by Queen Rania; that and Queen Rania and Petra will both featured on Google's home page across the world for the coming 24+ hours.

To launch this international campaign, the Queen wrote a blogpost for Google Blog in which she said, “People all over the world now have a window into our magical Kingdom in the heart of the Middle East.”

The Queen added that this allows people to “…understand more about each other's stories and cultures and histories…”and helps them “…realize that we are more alike than we are different,” she added.

Since November 23rd, 360-degree street view imagery of Petra and 30 other landmarks in Jordan became available on Google Maps for the first time. This technology lets users explore places around the world like landmarks, natural wonders, as well as culturally and historically significant sites.

The imagery of the 30 of Jordan’s historical sites and other sites is now available on Google Maps and can be viewed