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Bilawal Bhutto blames Pakistan military for 1971 defeat

If BNP comes with sticks, we will be show them the real game: Obaidul Quader

Inflation is constantly decreasing, will go down further: Planning Minister

Over 60s to get fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine earlier: Health Minister

232 people died of AIDS in Bangladesh in one year

Somalia: UN condemns ‘cowardly’ attack in Mogadishu

New York, Mar 19: The United Nations envoy in Somalia voiced shock and sadness at Monday’s car bombing in the capital, Mogadishu, which reportedly killed several people and wounded many more.

UN urges prosecution of Israeli settler violence

New York, Mar 19: The United Nations human rights chief Monday urged Israel to prosecute settlers who carry out violent acts against Palestinians, while also calling on Government forces to refrain from using excessive force and to guarantee adequate handling of child detainees, following reports of ill-treatment.

Somalia: Conviction of \'rape victim\' overturned

New York, Mar 6: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his envoy dealing with sexual violence in conflict have welcomed the decision by a Somali appeals court to overturn the conviction of a woman who claimed to be raped by security forces, while voicing concern that the sentence against the journalist charged in connection with the case, while shortened, has been upheld.

UNICEF deplores attack on children in Mali

New York, Mar 6: Two-thirds of the people killed or injured by leftover ammunition or explosive devices in central and northern Mali are children, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Tuesday said, warning that the risk will increase when more displaced families try to return home.

Gaza bans women’s participation in UN marathon

New York, Mar 6: The annual United Nations-organized Gaza marathon will not take place this year due to disagreements with local officials on the participation of women, the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees said Tuesday.

UN seeks more funding to assist Syrians

New York, Jan 29: Ahead of a major humanitarian pledging conference in Syria, a senior United Nations relief official Monday urged greater funding to assist millions of people in need amid a deteriorating situation inside the country and a particularly harsh winter in the region.

UN condemns latest murder of Somali journalist

New York, Jan 19: The United Nations envoy to Somali and an independent human rights expert have urged authorities in the East African country to investigate the brutal murder of a local radio journalist, the latest incident of violence against media workers there.

UN concerned over convictions of 14 activists in Vietnam

New York, Jan 12: The United Nations human rights office has expressed serious concern over the convictions and sentencing of 14 political activists in Vietnam for subversive activities.

UNESCO condemns killing of a Syrian journalist

New York, Jan 10: The head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending freedom of expression Wednesday expressed grave concern over the constant killing of journalists in Syria, following the death of television reporter Suhail Mahmoud Al-Ali on Friday.

Ban highlights Japan’s role in northeast Asia

New York, Jan 10: Japan’s economy, its role in northeast Asia and its reconstruction after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami were among the topics covered by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a telephone conversation on Tuesday night with the country’s recently-elected Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, according to the UN chief’s spokesperson.

Iraq: UN calls for peaceful demonstrations

New York, Jan 9: Taking note of demonstrations currently taking place in several Iraqi governorates, the United Nations envoy in the country Tuesday called for those taking part and those providing security to ensure that the protests are carried out peacefully.

Syria facing serious bread and fuel crisis: UN agency

New York, Jan 9: The United Nations food relief agency Tuesday warned that humanitarian needs in Syria – especially for food – are growing, with serious bread and fuel shortages across the war-torn country.

UN condemns wave of attacks in Iraq during Arba’een

New York, Jan 5: The United Nations political mission in Iraq (UNAMI) Friday strongly condemned the wave of attacks over the past days which killed and wounded dozens of worshippers participating in the religious Shia Muslim commemoration of Arba’een.

UN: Syria death toll surpasses 60,000

New York, Jan 3: Data analysis suggests that the death toll in the ongoing conflict in Syria has surpassed 60,000, the United Nations human rights office said Wednesday.

Yemen pledges to stop recruitment of child soldiers

New York, Nov 29: A visiting United Nations envoy Wednesday secured commitments by the authorities in Yemen to end the recruitment and use of children in the country’s armed forces.