More than 500 Bangladeshis detained off Libya coast Bangladeshis | Libya
Photo: Collected Bangladeshis detained in Libya

More than 500 Bangladeshis detained off Libya coast

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 27 Apr 2022, 04:55 am

Tripoli, Libya, April 27: The Libyan police have detained more than 500 people trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Europe illegally. It is learned that 240 Bangladeshis of them have been contacted.

They were detained on Saturday (April 23) in the eastern coastal district of Misrata. They were later transferred to a detention centre in the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

The news was first reported in the Libyan media. Later, Bangladesh Ambassador to Libya Major General SM Shamim Uz Zaman confirmed the matter to the media.

Shamim uz Zaman said illegal immigrants, including Bangladeshis, were preparing to sail for Europe by boat from Misrata beach in Libya. At that time, the security personnel of Tripoli detained them. A total of 541 people were detained in Libya, according to Libyan police. Almost all of them are thought to be Bangladeshis.

Meanwhile, nine people were killed as a boat sinking off the coast of Libya on Monday (April 25). They could not be initially confirmed as citizens of any country.

Foreign Secretary Masood bin Momen said that the number of Bangladeshis traveling to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea is a concern for Dhaka, adding that more than 500 Bangladeshis detained in Libya have been kept in the country's safe home. They will be returned to their country.

He made the remarks while addressing a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

The foreign secretary said the detainees in Libya will be repatriated. "Our Ambassador will seek the cooperation of all concerned, including the IOM, to bring them back. Within a year, we have repatriated more than 1,000 Bangladeshis from Libya."

When he was asked if the government is feeling any pressure because of Bangladeshis illegally travelling to Europe by the Mediterranean coast, Masood bin Momen said the government is not feeling any pressure.

"We have taken information during the quarantine of those who have returned before. We don't want any Bangladeshi attempt to travel to Europe illegally by Mediterranean coast. We will never indulge in it. We are emphasizing this for a larger interest," he added.