Russia's allegations against Peter Haas are completely false: US United States
File photo/Wikimedia Commons/Flickr/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Russia's allegations against Peter Haas are completely false: US

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 08 Dec 2023, 05:17 pm

Washington, Dec 8: The United States has called Russia's allegations against the US ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas as outright lies. The country has said that Russia's allegations against Peter Haas are completely false and Russia itself knows it.

John Kirby, Coordinator of Strategic Communications of the US National Security Council, said this in a special briefing held at the US Foreign Press Center on Wednesday local time.

In today's briefing, the question of the United States backing away from its position regarding the upcoming national elections of Bangladesh has also been raised. However, the United States said that the United States wants to see the elections according to the wishes of the people of Bangladesh. And the United States will continue their efforts to implement that goal.

At the briefing, a journalist asked about the allegations raised by Russia against the US ambassador to Bangladesh, Peter Haas. He said that Moscow has recently accused the US ambassador to Bangladesh, Peter Haas, of interfering in Bangladesh's internal affairs. As you know, Ambassador Peter Haas continues to push for free, fair, and inclusive elections with political parties, civil society and other stakeholders. And he has expressed concern about his safety in Bangladesh as he faces threats of violent attacks from Bangladesh's ruling elite. What is your reaction to the Russian allegations and the safety and security of Peter Haas in Bangladesh in this situation?

In response, John Kirby said, "You can certainly ask another question." When I was in the Navy, I used to respond to such accusations with a two-syllable word. But I am not saying that in answer to your question. I will tell you this - the thing (Russia's allegation) is completely false. Even the Russians know it's a lie. It can only be called a false propaganda by the Russians. They know it's a lie."