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Pakistan: Protests break out for release of Pashtun human rights activist Manzoor Pashteen Peshawar: Human rights groups and Pashtuns took to streets in Pakistan and Afghanistan demanding the release of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) chief and rights activist Manzoor Pashteen who was arrested arbitrarily on charges of sedition and sent to Peshawar's Central Jail on a 14-day judicial remand on Monday. 29-Jan-2020
Yet another Hindu girl abducted, converted and married to Muslim man in Pakistan Islamabad: In yet another incident in Pakistan, a Hindu woman was abducted, converted and then married to a Muslim man in the country's Matiari district in Sindh province, media reports said on Monday. 27-Jan-2020
Afghanistan: IED blast in Kabul leaves one killed Kabul: At least one person was killed as an IED blast rocked Afghanistan's capital city Kabul on Saturday, media reports said. 26-Jan-2020
Nepal confirms first coronavirus case Kathmandu: Nepal's health authorities have confirmed the first case of coronavirus infection in the country. 25-Jan-2020
Afghanistan improves its growth despite uncertainty: World Bank Washington: Afghanistan’s economy grew by an estimated 2.9 percent in 2019, driven mainly by strong agricultural growth following recovery from drought, but lingering political uncertainty dampens private confidence and investment, says the World Bank. 23-Jan-2020
Kabul: Afghan government official’s family members killed Kabul: Unknown men killed four members of a family of an Afghanistan government official in Kabul city, media reports said on Monday. 20-Jan-2020
Minor Hindu girl from Sindh is latest in Pakistan to be kidnapped, converted and married to Muslim man Islamabad: Amid reports of atrocities faced by the minority communities in the South Asian country, another Hindu girl has been allegedly kidnapped and then converted to Islam forcibly in Pakistan. A video of the girl, converted to Islam and sitting beside the Muslim man who allegedly married her, has surfaced online. 19-Jan-2020
Five indicted for operating network to export US-origin goods to Pakistan’s nuclear programme Washington: Five people have been indicted in United States for allegedly running an international network which purchases US products for nuclear weapons programme in Pakistan. 18-Jan-2020
Roadside bombing Afghanistan Kabul: A roadside bombing in Afghanistan's southern Zabul province on Thursday left five people dead, media reports said on Friday. 17-Jan-2020
Pakistan: Blast at Karkhano checkpost in Peshawar leaves 10 hurt Peshawar: At least 10 people were hurt in a blast at Karkhano checkpost in Pakistan's Peshawar city on Tuesday, media reports said. 15-Jan-2020
Top Pakistani Military general and Bajwa’s successor put under house arrest, then Islamabad: In what might be seen as a conflict arising within the Pakistani Army, the second-most senior Pakistan Army officer, General Sarfraz Sattar was allegedly forced to resign after being kept under house arrest with his family for weeks, media reports said. 14-Jan-2020
Afghanistan: Explosions rock Mazar-e-Sharif, 2 killed Kabul: Back-to-back explosions rocked Afghanistan's Mazar-e-Sharif city which left at least two people killed, media reports said. 14-Jan-2020
Taliban commander killed in Afghanistan air strike Kabul: A key Taliban commander, who was a citizen of Pakistan, was killed during an airstrike in Kunduz province of Afghanistan, media reports said on Sunday. 12-Jan-2020
Afghanistan: IED blast in Kandahar leaves 2 US servicemen killed Kandahar: At least two US soldiers were killed in an IED explosion in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, media reports said on Sunday. 12-Jan-2020
Eighteen Afghan militants killed in northern Takhar province Afghanistan: Afghan forces, during a cleanup operation, have killed at least 18 Taliban militants in the country's northern province of Takhar, Pamir Army Corps 217 said in a statement released here Saturday. 11-Jan-2020
Pakistan: Blast rocks Quetta mosque, 15 killed Quetta: A blast rocked a mosque in Quetta area of Pakistan on Friday which left at least 15 people killed on Friday, media reports said. 10-Jan-2020
Pakistan: Sikh Man's murder was an incident of contract killing, claims police Peshawar: The Pakistan police on Friday claimed that the murder of a Sikh man in the country, which had even triggered protests in India, was actually an incident of 'contract killing'. 10-Jan-2020
Pakistan: 2 killed in Quetta blast, 14 hurt Quetta: The death toll in the blast which rocked Quetta area in Pakistan touched two on Wednesday, media reports said. 08-Jan-2020
Pakistan: Blast hits Quetta, 7 hurt Quetta: A motorcycle, which was parked close to a security forces vehicle in Quetta area of Pakistan, blew up on Tuesday and left at least seven people hurt, media reports said. 07-Jan-2020
Pakistan: Police arrest man accused of inciting Nankana Sahib Gurdwara violence Peshawar: The police have arrested Imran Chishti who has been accused of inciting violence against Sikhs in Nankana Sahib Gurdwara in Pakistan last week. 06-Jan-2020
Armed men kill American University of Afghanistan student in Kabul Kabul: Unknown men killed a third-year student of the American University of Afghanistan (AUOA) in Kabul city of Afghanistan on Saturday, media reports said on Monday. 06-Jan-2020
Pakistan: Days after attack on Nankana Sahib Gurdwara, Sikh youth killed in Peshawar Peshawar: A Sikh youth has been murdered by unknown men in Pakistan's Peshawar city, media reports said on Sunday. 05-Jan-2020
Mob in Pakistan surround Gurdwara Nankana Sahib Nankhana Sahib/Pakistan: A large number of Muslim protesters surrounded the holy Sikh shrine of Gurdwara Nankana Sahib on Friday afternoon, threatening to overrun the site if their demands for the release of suspects in an alleged forced conversion case were not met, according to reports in Dawn and other media. Anti-Sikh slogans were raised at the site, the birth place of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism even as India condemned the attack. 03-Jan-2020
Pakistan: Punjab Assembly resolution seeks most stringent anti-blasphemy laws, USCIRF condemns Washington: The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on Friday condemned the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly in Pakistan which asked the federal government to make new or improve existing laws to sternly punish blasphemers and set up a Saudi Arabia like central screening or filtration system to intercept blasphemous material on social media. 03-Jan-2020
Terrorism: US issues advisory to its carriers to avoid Pakistan airspace Washington: Fearing terror attack, the United States has issued advisory to all its air carriers and commercial operators to exercise caution as they fly into, out of, within or over the territory and airspace of Pakistan. 02-Jan-2020
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