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Great Barrier Reef: Australia may see a decline in number of tourists if bleaching continues Canberra, Jun 21: Canberra-based think tank, The Australia Institute (TAI), in a report published on Monday said that Australia's tourism industry will see a fall in visitors if severe coral bleaching continues on the Great Barrier Reef. 21-Jun-2016
Jordan tourism declares new discovery in Petra Amman, Jordan,Jun 17: The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has confirmed the archaeological discovery of an enormous monument in Jordan's Petra city that has no known parallels to any other structure in the Nabatean city. 17-Jun-2016
Etihad Airways brings residence to Melbourne Abu Dhabi, June 3: Etihad Airways much-anticipated A380 touches down in Melbourne tonight, beginning a new era of luxury travel on the Melbourne-Abu Dhabi and Melbourne-London routes. 03-Jun-2016
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