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The poorest people are working hardest - climate change adaptation in Bangladesh Rushanara Ali MP, Labour party Shadow Minister for International Development, returns to Bangladesh where she was born, to witness innovative local adaptation strategies to cope with climate change supported by CARE Bangladesh. In this film she explores how those who have contributed least to the causes of climate change are working hardest to prevent disaster. 31-Aug-2013
Daily News_Bangla tv News 26 august 2013 Early Bd time 12 am _Part 1 26-Aug-2013
Etv News_Bangla tv News 24 august 2013 Early time 1 am News_Part 2 24-Aug-2013
Daily News_Bangla tv News 23 august 2013 Early bd time 12 am _Part 2 23-Aug-2013
Bangladeshi Boishakhi TV News Morning 22 August 2013 Full part 22-Aug-2013
Somoy tv Bangla tv News 21 august 2013 Bangladesh time 12 am Part 1 21-Aug-2013
Etv News_Bangla tv News 20 august 2013 Early Bd Time 1 am _Part 1 21-Aug-2013
Etv News_Bangla tv News 19 august 2013 Early Bd time 1 am _Part 1 19-Aug-2013
Etv News_Bangla tv News 17 august 2013 Morning News_Latest Bangla Khobor 17-Aug-2013
Bangla News discuss Ekattor jurnal 16 August 2013 Bangladesh Part 1 16-Aug-2013
Rtv News_Bangla tv News 14 august 2013 Bangladesh time 1 am Khobor 14-Aug-2013
channel Khobor _Bangla tv news 13 august 2013 Morning Bangla News_Hortal DAY 13-Aug-2013
Bangla tv News 12 august 2013 etv bangla 1 am bangladesh khobor 12-Aug-2013
2012 WISE Awards Winner: Solar-Powered Floating Schools, Ba The non-profit organization Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha introduced solar-powered floating schools in Bangladesh to ensure children's uninterrupted education even during the height of the monsoon. In addition to 'Transforming Education', the initiative was judged to have best provided innovative financing of primary education. From the outset, the guiding principle was that if children cannot come to school, then school should come to them. The floating school is a combination of school bus and schoolhouse. The boats collect students from riverside villages, dock at a final destination and provide on-board small-group instruction. After class, the boats take students back to their homes and then go on to pick up other groups. Each boat school has a classroom for 30 students, an Internet-linked laptop, a library and electronic resources, and provides basic primary education up to grade IV. 10-Aug-2013
Documentary: Faces Of Bangladesh This film features the work of Dr Badiul Majumdar in Bangladesh - the subject of our upcoming feature-length documentary. Directed and Produced by Justin Lewis & Kaaren Peterson DOP: Justin Lewis 09-Aug-2013
Bangladesh has changed A video that portrays the potential of Bangladesh as one of the rising economies of the world... Created by ZANALA Bangladesh Music: Prithwi Raj 07-Aug-2013
Somoy tv _Bangla tv News 06 august 2013 Afternoon News_বিকালের 07-Aug-2013
Daily News _Bangla tv News 05 august 2013 Early Bd time 12 am 05-Aug-2013
Daily News_Bangla tv News 03 august 2013 Early Bd Bangla Tim 03-Aug-2013
Boishaki tv _Bangla tv News 02 august 2013 Dupurer News_দুপুরের 03-Aug-2013
Jugantor Songbad Potora Bangladesh (01 August 2013) 01-Aug-2013
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