Title Description Posted Date
Channel i News Bangla (30 January 2015 at 07am) 30-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News Today 29 January 2015 BanglaVision 5PM Live Breaking BD Update 29-Jan-2015
Today Bangla News Live 28 January 2015 On Jamuna TV All Bangladesh News 28-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News Today 27 January 2015 Live NTV Breaking News Update 27-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News Today 26 January 2015 Todays Jamuna TV Evening News Update 26-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News Today 23 January 2015 NTV todays Afternoon News update 23-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News Today 22 January 2015 RTV Eening Live braking update News 22-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News Today 21 January 2015 JamunaTV Evening Braking News_Updated 21-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News Today 20 January 2015 NTV Live Breaking News updated 20-Jan-2015
Today Bangla News Live 19 January 2015 On NTV All Bangladesh News 19-Jan-2015
Channel 24 Bangla News (18 January 2015 at 05pm) 18-Jan-2015
Bangla Vision News Top Ten (16 January 2015 at 03pm) 16-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News 15 January 2015 channel24 News_News today 15-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News 14 January 2015 channel24 Daily Breaking News_BD 14-Jan-2015
Bangla tv News 13 January 2015 RTV Todays Mid day News Bd Time 14:00 13-Jan-2015
Today Bangla News live 12 January 2015 On ATN Bangla Bangladesh News 12-Jan-2015
Today Bangla News Live 9 January 2015 On NTV Bangladesh News 09-Jan-2015
Today Cricketer Rubel and Happy Bail NTV News Bangla 8 January 2015 08-Jan-2015
"Bangla News 6 January 2015" Latest Bangla Morning News of Ekattor tv 06-Jan-2015
Today Morning BD News 5 January 2015 Bangla Live TV News 05-Jan-2015
"Bangla News 2 january 2015" Latest Bangla Noon News of Banglavision 02-Jan-2015
"Bangla News 1 january 2015" Latest Bangla Night News of Channel i 01-Jan-2015
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