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Syria: Ban calls opposition forces to send delegation New York, Sept 30 : United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the National Coalition for the Syrian opposition forces to reach out to other groups and agree on a united delegation for an upcoming peace conference, as he met with the President of the Coalition on Saturday. 30-Sep-2013
Russia urges collective action in Middle East New York, Sept 28 : There is an urgent need to agree upon collective responses to the key issues of Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the United Nations General Assembly. 28-Sep-2013
Mongolia: 2015 must be beginning of development efforts New York, Sept 27 : Labelling his country “an old nation with a young heart,” the President of Mongolia told the United Nations General Assembly Thursday that while his nation was able to achieve many of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs, reaching the unmet targets required national stakeholders, the private sector, research institutions, civil society and media working together. 27-Sep-2013
Ban encourages small islands to make use of new media New York, Sept 26 : United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Wednesday encouraged small island developing nations to make the best use of both traditional channels of communication and new media to highlight the issues they face as well as to raise the profile of a conference next year aimed at addressing them. 26-Sep-2013
UNSC inaction on Syria a disgrace: Turkish President New York, Sept 25 : Stressing the centrality of a “strong, efficient, and credible” United Nations for ensuring world peace and stability, Turkish President Abdullah Gül Tuesday called it a “disgrace” that the UN Security Council (UNSC) has not ended the civil war in Syria and ensured a stable transition from the current regime. 25-Sep-2013
Kenya: 6 more gunmen killed Nairobi, Sept 24 : Security forces have killed six of the remaining attackers at Nairobi's Westgate shopping mall, said reports on Tuesday. 24-Sep-2013
Ban meets leaders of Kosovo and Serbia New York, Sept 23 : The current situation in Kosovo and the ongoing Belgrade-Pristina dialogue topped discussions Sunday as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Hashim Thaçi, Representative of the Kosovo Authorities, and with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic. 23-Sep-2013
UN encourages Iran to build on recent prisoner release New York, Sept 21 : The United Nations human rights chief has welcomed this week’s release of 12 political prisoners in Iran, including a number of women’s rights activists, political activists and journalists, and encouraged Tehran to build on this positive step. 21-Sep-2013
Kosovo: Ban condemns fatal attack on EU convoy New York, Sept 20 : United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his top envoy in Kosovo have strongly condemned this morning’s attack on a European Union (EU) convoy that resulted in one death, and urged that those responsible be brought to justice. 20-Sep-2013
Cambodia: UN tribunal secures loan to pay national staff New York, Sept 19 : The United Nations have secured a loan from major donors to meet the salaries of national staff working for the tribunal responsible for trying genocide suspects in Cambodia. 19-Sep-2013
Ban stresses global cooperation to tackle major challenges New York, Sept 18 : As the General Assembly prepares to kick-off its 68th session later Tuesday , United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed the need for global cooperation to tackle the world’s most pressing issues including the crises in Syria and elsewhere, beyond conflict, accelerating achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 18-Sep-2013
Libya’s transition facing numerous challenges: UN New York, Sept 17 : Two years after the fall of the authoritarian regime, Libya faces a number of challenges in ensuring that its democratic transition proceeds peacefully, a United Nations envoy told the Security Council Monday, noting that recent months have been marked by pronounced political disagreements, a disruption of the country’s oil exports, and security problems. 17-Sep-2013
Ban seeks inclusive participation as remedy to Apathy New York, Sept 16 : This year's International Day of Democracy falls amid volatile political transitions in several countries, prolonged economic crisis, and dramatic demographic and social change, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Sunday, stressing that such events all underscore the need to strengthen people's voices in how they are governed — an imperative that lies at the heart of democracy. 16-Sep-2013
Philippines: UN seeks end to violence New York, Sept 14 : A senior United Nations official in the Philippines, on behalf of the UN humanitarian team and its partners, Friday called for an immediate end to the latest violence and said the team is ready to support the Government in delivering humanitarian aid to people affected by the armed clashes. 14-Sep-2013
Iraq: Iranian exiles transferred to transit location New York, Sept 13 : A United Nations official in Iraq Thursday announced the successful relocation of the last group of Camp Ashraf residents to a camp near the Baghdad area, pending their resettlement outside the country. 13-Sep-2013
China welcomes Syria's decision Beijing, Sept 11 : China on Wednesday said Syria has taken a "major step" in easing tensions in the country by accepting Russia's proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control. 11-Sep-2013
Syrian Prez warns of retaliation against US Washington, Sept 9 : Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned the Untied States that there will be retaliation if the US resorted to military action in response to the chemical weapons attack in that country. 09-Sep-2013
G20: Ban warns of military action in Syria New York, Sept 7: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Friday urged leaders at the Group of 20 (G20) summit in St. Petersburg to explore ways to avoid further militarization of the conflict in Syria and to revitalize the search for a political settlement, warning that “tragic consequences” could follow military action. 07-Sep-2013
Want a political solution: US on Syria Washington, Sept 6 : The United States has said it is not looking towards a political solution in Syria. 06-Sep-2013
Kerry lied about al Qaeda in Syria: Putin Moscow, Sept 5: Russian President Vladimir Putin said US Secretary of State John Kerry lied about al Qaeda's presence in Syria. 05-Sep-2013
Iraq: UN condemns attack on Camp Ashraf New York, Sept 4 : The United Nations human rights office and the UN mission in Iraq Tuesday strongly condemned the killing of dozens of people in Camp Ashraf north of Baghdad, urging the Iraqi Government to investigate what happened. 04-Sep-2013
Ban deplores attack on Iranian exile camp New York, Sept 2: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Sunday condemned an attack on an Iranian exile camp near the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, and urged the Government to launch an investigation into what happened. 02-Sep-2013
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