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Shelter, livelihoods priorities in typhoon-hit Philippines: UN New York, Feb 28 : The United Nations and its humanitarian partners are prioritizing shelter and livelihoods projects in the typhoon-devastated parts of the Philippines, while continuing to provide the most vulnerable people with life-saving assistance and protection services. 28-Feb-2014
Syria: UN delivers supplies to besieged camp amid devastation New York, Feb 27 : Amid “unbelievable devastation,” the United Nations agency charged with ensuring the well-being of Palestinian refugees across the Middle East has on Wednesday been able to deliver life-saving supplies to families in a camp on the outskirts of Damascus, where nearly every building is an empty shell and the war-weary, desperate people have suffered unparalleled deprivation. 27-Feb-2014
Syria: UN urges political solution to crisis New York, Feb 26: As the conflict that has inflicted unimaginable suffering on the Syrian people prepares to enter its fourth year, United Nations officials on Tuesday stressed the need for a political solution to end the crisis, as well as greater efforts to protect civilians and ensure they receive the assistance they desperately need. 26-Feb-2014
UN alarmed by plight of war-traumatized Syrian children New York, Feb 25 : Moved by the dire plight of more than 5 million war-traumatized Syrian children – both inside and outside the country – United Nations agencies and their partners on Monday joined forces to urge the world to demand an end to the “relentless horror and suffering” those children face before an entire generation is lost. 25-Feb-2014
Ban condemns attacks amidst Thailand's power struggle New York, Feb 24 : United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday called for an immediate end to escalating violence in Thailand, and urged authorities to bring those responsible to justice. 24-Feb-2014
UNICEF launches aid appeal to help children in emergencies New York, Feb 22 : The United Nations on Friday launched a USD 2.2 billion appeal to help nearly 60 million children in crisis situations, the majority of whom are in and around war-torn Syria. 22-Feb-2014
UN urges action to end poverty, overcome inequality New York, Feb 21 : United Nations officials are marking the World Day of Social Justice with strong calls on the international community to take practical steps to break down the barriers of inequality by doing more to empower individuals through decent work, provide adequate social protection, and ensure the voices of the poor are heard. 21-Feb-2014
CAR: UN urges accountability amid ongoing violence New York, Feb 20 : Authorities in the Central African Republic (CAR) will be held personally accountable for the serious human rights violations committed in the country, Navi Pillay, the United Nations human rights chief on Wednesday said, urging that every effort be made to break the cycle of violence and revenge, and to restore security and rule of law. 20-Feb-2014
South Sudan: UN ramps up civilian protection amid clashes New York, Feb 19 : The United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has reported that heavy fighting broke out earlier on Tuesday between pro-Government and opposition forces near its compound in the Upper Nile state town of Malakal, while condemning those who instigated the inter-communal violence that flared up inside its base. 19-Feb-2014
Syria: UN concerned over suspended aid delivery to refugees New York, Feb 18 : Unable for the tenth straight day to deliver life-saving aid to thousands of Palestinian refugees trapped in a camp near Damascus, the United Nations agency charged with ensuring their well-being is again appealing strongly to the parties to allow desperately needed food, medicines and other humanitarian assistance to the war-weary civilians. 18-Feb-2014
Needs remain enormous in Philippines after Haiyan: UN New York, Feb 17 : The United Nations and its partners in the Philippines warned on Sunday that millions of people still require urgent assistance to rebuild their lives and livelihoods, 100 days after Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, cut a swath of devastation across the archipelago. 17-Feb-2014
UNICEF deplores cruelty against children in CAR conflict New York, Feb 15 : The United Nations children’s agency says it is horrified by the cruelty and violence being perpetrated against children in the Central African Republic (CAR), where at least 133 children have been killed or maimed in the past two months. 15-Feb-2014
Mali: UN reports damage to cultural sites in Gao New York, Feb 14 : Some 90 per cent of the 11th century archaeological site of Gao Saneye in northern Mali was pillaged by Islamic extremists during their seizure of the region in 2012, traditional musical instruments and costumes were destroyed, and a World Heritage site mosque needs urgent repairs, United Nations cultural officials reported on Thursday. 14-Feb-2014
UNSC: Conflict parties must protect civilians in CAR New York, Feb 13 : With civilians now routinely targeted and subjected to indiscriminate brutality in most current conflicts – from the civil war in Syria to ethnic and political strife in Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan – the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) joined senior United Nations officials on Wednesday to once again urge greater protection for the countless men, women and children caught in the crossfire of war. 13-Feb-2014
Renewed Syrian peace talks make little progress: UN New York, Feb 12 : United Nations-sponsored talks between the Syrian Government and opposition that resumed on Monday are making scant progress in ending the “nightmare” of the civil war, the top mediator said on Tuesday, calling for a quicker pace as officials voiced “deep concern” at the detention by the authorities of men and boys leaving a long besieged city. 12-Feb-2014
Syria: UN sponsored peace talks resumes New York, Feb 11 : United Nations-sponsored talks between the Syrian Government and opposition resumed on Monday, 10 days after a first round ended with little progress, in efforts to end the civil war, as an already- violated ceasefire to allow humanitarian access to a city cut off by siege for nearly two years was extended for another three days. 11-Feb-2014
UN urges safe passage for aid delivery to Syrians New York, Feb 10 : A top United Nations official said she is deeply disappointed that a three-day humanitarian pause agreed between the parties to the Syrian conflict was broken on Saturday and aid workers were deliberately targeted as they tried to deliver food and medicine to Homs. 10-Feb-2014
Syria: UN evacuates civilians from Homs New York, Feb 8: As the first of 2,500 Syrians trapped by war in the Old City of Homs without aid for nearly two years were evacuated on Friday under a three-day accord allowing people out and aid in, the United Nations called for immediate access to nearly 1.6 million others throughout the country who have been without regular food or medical supplies for many months. 08-Feb-2014
Sochi Games: Ban praises power of sport to unite people New York, Feb 7 : In Sochi, Russia, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday praised the power of sport to promote human rights and unite people regardless of their age, race, class, religious, ability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity in a first of its kind address to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 07-Feb-2014
DR Congo: UN welcomes amnesty law covering acts of war New York, Feb 6 : Senior United Nations officials on Wednesday welcomed parliamentary approval of an amnesty law covering acts of war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) dating back to mid-2000 as “the next step in bringing sustainable peace.” 06-Feb-2014
Humanitarian needs could threaten Yemen’s progress: UN New York, Feb 5 : While Yemen has made good progress in its political transition, the country will not enjoy stability unless the humanitarian needs of its people are met, a senior United Nations relief official warned on Tuesday. 05-Feb-2014
Africa: UN seeks international aid for Sahel region New York, Feb 4 : The United Nations and its global humanitarian partners on Monday appealed for USD 2 billion on behalf of some 20 million people desperate for food in Africa’s Sahel region, where violence and insecurity has created protracted internal displacement and where population growth is outstripping food production. 04-Feb-2014
Syria: UN seeks long-term access to besieged camp New York, Feb 3 : While confirming Sunday's delivery of more than 700 food parcels to the desperate, malnourished civilians stranded in a hard-hit area outside the Syrian capital of Damascus, the United Nations agency tasked with protecting Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East, reiterated its call for long-term access to meet the enormous needs, as Syria's three-year civil war grinds on. 03-Feb-2014
Egypt: UN concerned at growing attacks on media New York, Feb 1: Voicing deep concern about the growing threats and attacks on members of the media in Egypt, the United Nations human rights office on Friday urged the authorities to investigate reports of violence against them and to promptly release all journalists imprisoned for carrying out their legitimate activities. 01-Feb-2014
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