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Number of Syrian refugees tops 3 million as insecurity grows – UN agency New York, Aug 30: Three million Syrians will have registered as refugees outside of their country on Friday, the UN refugee agency reported, amid accounts of increasingly horrifying conditions inside their homeland – cities where populations are surrounded, people are going hungry and civilians are being targeted or indiscriminately killed. 30-Aug-2014
Ebola caseload could exceed 20,000 in course of emergency, UN response roadmap shows New York , Aug 28: The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a roadmap that aims to stop Ebola transmissions within six to nine months, but acknowledges the actual number of cases may be much higher than that currently reported and the total caseload could exceed 20,000 over the course of the emergency. 29-Aug-2014
Syria’s brutal war threatens international peace and security, says UN rights panel New York, Aug 28: Mass atrocities by Government forces and non-State armed groups continue to take place in Syria, causing immeasurable suffering to civilians and contributing to a spillover of violence affecting international peace and stability, a United Nations-appointed panel said on Wednesday. 28-Aug-2014
Security Council extends UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon for another year New York, Aug 27: The Security Council on Tuesday renewed the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for another year, while strongly condemning attempts to threaten the country’s security and stability. 27-Aug-2014
Flight restrictions hamper ability to battle Ebola, UN cautions New York, Aug 26: The United Nations on Monday cautioned against flight restrictions into and out of Ebola-affected countries in West Africa, saying such limitations were preventing the transport of critically-needed health workers and supplies, as well as contributing to economic and diplomatic isolation of the region. 26-Aug-2014
Iraqi civilians suffering ‘horrific’ persecution, ethnic cleansing: UN rights chief New York, Aug 25: The United Nations human rights chief on Monday condemned the appalling and horrific crimes against humanity being committed daily in Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated armed groups. 25-Aug-2014
Ban condemns killing of dozens of Sunni worshippers in eastern Iraq New York, Aug 23: Condemning in the strongest terms the reported attack on a mosque in eastern Iraq, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday called on all Iraqi authorities to ensure that the attack is properly investigated and its perpetrators held to account. 23-Aug-2014
Gaza: UN says over 370,000 Palestinian children in need of 'psycho-social first aid' New York, Aug 22: The top UNICEF field officer in Gaza reported on Thursday that at least nine more Palestinian children have been killed there in the last 48 hours, bringing the total to 469 since early July, saying that there is not a single family in the tiny enclave that has not been touched by the current violence. 22-Aug-2014
Restoring dignity, ensuring ‘safe space’ for returning Nigerian schoolgirls critical : UN official New York, Aug 21: A United Nations official for Nigeria on Wednesday said that restoring the dignity and integrity of returning schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Chibok is instrumental in reintegrating the girls back into a “safe space” in society. 21-Aug-2014
Amid unprecedented destruction, Gaza needs ‘new deal’-style recovery plan: UN official New York, Aug 20: Concerned by the many civilian casualties and the unprecedented scale of destruction in the latest military conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants, a senior United Nations official urged on Tuesday the international community to “rethink the Gaza paradigm.” 20-Aug-2014
Ban ‘deeply disturbed’ by reported attack on refugee convoy in eastern Ukraine New York, Aug 19: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is deeply disturbed by on Monday’s alarming reports regarding an attack on a column of internally displaced persons (IDPs) attempting to leave the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine. 19-Aug-2014
Libya: UN mission condemns 'grave escalation' in fighting, urges ceasefire New York, Aug 18: The United Nations mission assisting Libya on Sunday condemned the "grave escalation" in the fighting in the capital, Tripoli and its suburbs and urged all parties to work to put an end to the security deterioration, which forebodes serious consequences on the humanitarian level. 18-Aug-2014
South Sudan: UN mission condemns Bentiu clashes, takes swift action to protect people New York, Aug 16: The United Nations mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has condemned this morning’s outbreak of violence in Bentiu which caused hundreds of people to seek shelter at the nearest airport. 16-Aug-2014
Ebola: UN health agency seeks to allay fears about air travel New York, Aug 15: The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday sought to allay fears amid reports that airlines are suspending flights over the Ebola outbreak by sending out a social media messages with assurances that “unlike infections like influenza and tuberculosis, Ebola is not airborne.” 15-Aug-2014
‘Barbaric’ sexual violence perpetrated by Islamic State militants in Iraq : UN New York, Aug 14: Two senior United Nations officials on Wednesday condemned in the strongest terms the “barbaric acts” of sexual violence and “savage rapes” the armed group Islamic State (IS) has perpetrated on minorities in areas under its control. 14-Aug-2014
UN Rights Council notes one member unavailable to serve on Gaza Commission New York, Aug 13 : In a statement released on Tuesday, the President of the Human Rights Council, Baudelaire Ndog Ella said he “regrets” that the Commission, which is now operational, will not benefit from Amal Alamuddin's expertise in the field. 13-Aug-2014
Ebola: UN health agency convenes ethical review of experimental drugs New York, Aug 12: The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday convened a meeting of ethicists and scientists to discuss on the use of experimental medicines in treating Ebola, three days after the agency declared the current outbreak of the disease in West Africa an international public health emergency. 12-Aug-2014
Northern Iraq: UN voices concern about civilians’ safety, need for humanitarian aid New York, Aug 9: Gravely concerned for the physical safety of civilians in northern Iraq and the humanitarian situation in areas now controlled by the group, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the United Nations human rights office on Friday called on the international community and the Governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan region to protect people affected by the fighting. 09-Aug-2014
UN calls for urgent response to help thousands in northern Iraq displaced by militants’ advance New York , Aug 8: As Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists continue to overrun areas of northern Iraq, the United Nations has begun coordinating humanitarian assistance for displaced vulnerable ethnic and religious minorities, while UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on the international community to support Iraq and help the Government alleviate the suffering of all those impacted by the spiralling violence. 08-Aug-2014
Ebola: emergency UN meeting underway as death toll surpasses 900 New York, Aug 7: The UN health agency on Wednesday began an emergency meeting of international medical and health experts in Geneva to review the current Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa amid reports that new cases and deaths continue to be reported in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. 07-Aug-2014
As Gaza ceasefire begins, UN Chief urges parties to commence peace talks in Cairo New York, Aug 6: Following the announcement on Monday of a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian factions, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged all parties to commence talks in Cairo for a durable peace. 06-Aug-2014
Lebanon: UN condemns fighting in northeastern border town with Syria New York, Aug 5: The top United Nations relief official in Lebanon on Monday strongly condemned attacks on the Lebanese Armed Forces and the ongoing fighting in and around the city of Arsal, in the northeastern part of the country near its border with Syria. 05-Aug-2014
Ban deplores upsurge in anti-Semitic incidents since start of Gaza conflict New York, Aug 4 : United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has deplored the recent upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks, particularly in Europe, in connection with protests concerning the escalation of violence in Gaza. 04-Aug-2014
Iraq: UN envoy urges greater civilian protection as fighting continues to take heavy toll New York, Aug 2 : The top United Nations envoy to Iraq Friday called for greater efforts to protect civilians amid the ongoing fighting, as the latest casualty figures show that nearly 1,200 civilians were killed in the month of July, while another 1,500 were injured. 02-Aug-2014
Iraq: Amid rising insecurity, UN official urges unimpeded access to desperate civilians New York, Aug 1: A senior UN official in Iraq expressed concern on Thursday over rising levels of violence and instability across the crisis-torn country and its impact on the lives of civilians. 01-Aug-2014
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