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UN urges action to combat human trafficking, give victims ‘hope and justice’ New York, Jul 31: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday urged every country to join the fight against human trafficking as United Nations agencies and their partners vowed to work together to support and protect victims of this transnational crime, while pursuing and prosecuting criminals and their networks. 31-Jul-2015
UN mission in Cyprus renewed for six months by Security Council New York, Jul 30: The Security Council on Wednesday extended the mandate of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) for six months, until 31 January 2016, and welcomed resumed negotiations between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders to reach a comprehensive settlement. 30-Jul-2015
Bahrain: UN chief condemns bomb attack in southern village New York, Jul 30: United Nations Secretary-General has condemned the bomb attack on Monday in the village of Sitra, Bahrain, which reportedly killed two policemen and injured several others. 29-Jul-2015
Security Council authorizes ongoing African Union deployment in Somalia New York, Jul 29: The Security Council on Tuesday authorized the Member States of the African Union to maintain the deployment of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) for an additional 10 months, until 30 May 2016. 29-Jul-2015
‘Paralyzing’ funding gap forces shutdown of health services in Iraq: UN New York, Jul 28: The top United Nations humanitarian official in Iraq on Monday declared as “devastating” the “inexplicable” closures of life-saving services in Iraq for people in need, citing the most recent shut-downs of basic health care will directly impact more than one million people, including some 500,000 children who now will not be immunized, spreading risk of a measles outbreak and resumption of polio. 28-Jul-2015
UN official in Somalia condemns terrorist attack on hotel in Mogadishu New York, Jul 27: The most senior United Nations official in Somalia has strongly condemned Sunday's terrorist attack on Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu that resulted in several deaths and injuries. 27-Jul-2015
Three killed in Tokyo plane crash Tokyo, July 26: At least three people were killed as a light plane crashed in Japan's Tokyo city on Sunday, media reports said. 26-Jul-2015
Greece must take robust action to address refugee situation: UN agency New York, Jul 25: The United Nations refugee agency on Friday expressed great apprehension over the refugee situation in Greece – where more than 100,000 people have sought shelter so far in 2015 – saying that notwithstanding its difficulties, Greece, with assistance from wider Europe, has a duty to assist them. 24-Jul-2015
Libya: UN mission calls for immediate ceasefire as fresh violence erupts across country's southern region New York, July 24: Deeply concerned by escalating violence in southern Libya, the United Nations Support Mission in the crisis-torn country called for an immediate ceasefire on Thursdayamid fighting that has claimed dozens of lives in recent weeks and is a “further reminder of the chaos engulfing Libya and the need for the main…actors to move quickly to reach a political settlement.” 24-Jul-2015
UN experts denounce televised reprisals against human rights defenders in Venezuela New York, July 24: In retaliation for their activities in Venezuela and cooperation with United Nations and regional human rights bodies, a group of UN and Inter-American rights experts has underscored their condemnation at attempts by Venezuela’s State-controlled television to discredit and intimidate rights activists. 23-Jul-2015
UNESCO launches plan to safeguard Yemen's cultural heritage sites New York, Jul 23: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has launched an emergency plan to safeguard cultural heritage sites in Yemen, including the ancient city of Sana'a, with its historical mosques and monuments that have been damaged in the conflict that has killed nearly 1,700 people since March. 23-Jul-2015
First half of 2015 ‘hottest six months on record’: UN New York, Jul 22: From January to June 2015, the globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces was the hottest for such period on record, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported on Tuesday, citing new highs across the planet in June, with heatwaves across South Asia, Europe and pockets of the United States. 22-Jul-2015
UN announces deal to sharply lower price of HIV early infant diagnosis New York, Jul 21: A dramatic 35 percent reduction in the price for HIV early infant diagnostic technologies on Monday has been announced by the United Nations-backed Diagnostics Access Initiative, in partnership with Roche Diagnostics. 20-Jul-2015
Suicide bombing kills 28 in Turkey Suruc, July 20 : At least 28 people were killed in a suicide attack in the Turkish town of Suruc on Monday, media reports said. 20-Jul-2015
NASA names Pluto peaks after Tenzing Norgay California, July 19 : In a proud moment for India, NASA has informally named a region of icy mountains on Pluto after Tenzing Norgay, the Indian Sherpa who reached the summit of Mount Everest along with Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953, reports said. 19-Jul-2015
Ban condemns deadly car bomb attack in Saudi Arabia New York, July 18: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the car bomb attack perpetrated at a police checkpoint yesterday in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. 17-Jul-2015
UNICEF, UN health agency report increase in immunization figures for world’s children New York, July 17: An increasing number of children are receiving life-saving vaccinations around the world, according to the latest data released by two United Nations agencies. 16-Jul-2015
From mountains to moons: Multiple discoveries from NASA's new horizons Pluto mission California, July 16: Icy mountains on Pluto and a new, crisp view of its largest moon, Charon, are among the several discoveries announced Wednesday by NASA's New Horizons team, just one day after the spacecraft’s first ever Pluto flyby. 15-Jul-2015
NASA's New Horizons 'Phones Home' Safe after Pluto Flyby California, July 15 : The call everyone was waiting for is in. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft phoned home just before 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday to tell the mission team and the world it had accomplished the historic first-ever flyby of Pluto. 14-Jul-2015
Ban welcomes announcement of new measures to de-escalate recent violence in Colombia New York, July 14: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed yesterday’s announcements that the Colombian Government and the FARC-EP plan to institute new measures in de-escalating the fighting in the country and accelerate negotiations towards a peace agreement, the United Nations has confirmed. 14-Jul-2015
Euro zone reaches agreement on Greece, offers third bailout Brussels, July 13: Leaders of Eurozone have unanimously decided to go ahead with a third bailout loan for near bankrupt Greece, said European Council President Donald Tusk after a crucial meeting here to keep Greece in the Euro zone. 13-Jul-2015
Thailand's deportation of ethnic group prompts grave concern by UN human rights office New York, July 11: The United Nations human rights office on Friday expressed grave concern over Thailand's deportation to China of more than 100 people understood to be ethnic Uighurs – including some 20 women – and strongly urged Thai authorities to ensure the protection of 60 others who remain in detention. 10-Jul-2015
Some $3.2 billion needed for Ebola recovery efforts in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – UN New York, July 10: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will call for continued solidarity with the three West African countries most impacted by the unprecedented Ebola outbreak at tomorrow's International Ebola Recovery Conference in New York, which will seek to raise $3.2 billion over the next two years so that Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone can fully rebound from the crisis. 10-Jul-2015
Ebola cases evade detection due to ongoing lack of trust in communities: UN New York, July 9: The origin of the new cluster of Ebola cases is "not yet well understood," the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesdayabout the outbreak in West Africa where a residual lack of trust in the response means that some cases still evade detection for too long, increasing the risk of further transmission. 09-Jul-2015
South Sudan: UN Mission deplores killing of civilian in Organization compound New York, July 8: The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has condemned “in the strongest terms” the fatal shooting of an internally displaced person (IDP) at one of its 'protection-of-civilians' sites – the second attack of its kind to strike the African nation and the Organization in less than a week. 08-Jul-2015
Widespread and early heatwaves impact northern hemisphere, UN weather agency warns New York, July 7: Many parts of Europe have been impacted by a severe and unusually early heatwave since 27 June, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has said, warning of record-breaking temperatures and wildfires in North America and torrential downpours and widespread flooding in southern China. 06-Jul-2015
A day after referendum verdict against austerity measure, Greek Finance Minister resigns Athens, July 6: Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has resigned a day after the country’s resounding rejection in a referendum to the eurozone’s austerity terms for a bailout. 06-Jul-2015
UN hails cooperatives as vehicle to make sustainable development a reality for all New York, July 5: Cooperatives will play an “invaluable role” in the international community's roll-out of a sustainable development goals, said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who today marked the International Day of Cooperatives with an appeal for all to recommit to the business model, which could help make the vision of a sustainable future a reality for everyone. 05-Jul-2015
AIDS is a 'human rights issue,' Ban declares, launching major new UN report in Barbados New York, July 4: Ending the AIDS epidemic – in all places and all communities – is essential to realizing the vision of a life of dignity for all, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared Friday in Barbados at the Caribbean region launch of a major new United Nations report the calls for scaling up an inclusive, rights-based and stigma-free response to wipe out the deadly disease. 04-Jul-2015
Yemen: amid unfolding humanitarian “catastrophe,” Ban calls for end to hostilities New York, July 3: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon repeated on Wednesday his call for an immediate end to the fighting in Yemen to help stem the unfolding humanitarian “catastrophe” in the country. 03-Jul-2015
UN urges 'people-centred' approach to migrants and refugees in Southeast Asia New York, July 2: Several senior United Nations officials on Wednesdaystrongly urged Southeast Asian countries to back a “people-centred” approach to migration by, among others, expanding avenues for safe and legal migration, while stepping up law enforcement to put a stop to human trafficking. 02-Jul-2015
Cholera eradication in Haiti will take 'some years,' says outgoing UN coordinator New York, July 1: While some 16,000 new cases of cholera have been reported in Haiti so far this year, the disease is now under control but it will not be eradicated unless improving water and sanitation conditions are given a higher priority by both the Government and donors, says the outgoing United Nations official tasked with leading the response to the outbreak. 01-Jul-2015
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