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In Addis Ababa, Ban urges leaders to build on progress in human rights and women's empowerment New York, Jan 31: Hailing vital commitments the African Union (AU) has made on human rights and women's rights, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday encouraged the continent's leaders to move on from setting standards to what he called “the three I's” – Implementation, Institution-building and Investment in real change – and set a shining example for the wider world. 31-Jan-2016
‘Waves of violence’ by rebels in eastern DR Congo forces thousands to flee: UN New York, Jan 30 : The “cycle of misery” is continuing in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) three years after a major rebel offensive was defeated by United Nations and Government forces in North Kivu, as now, armed militia and rebel groups are again targeting the region for violence and putting thousands of civilians on the run, the UN refugee agency reported on Friday. 30-Jan-2016
More than half Yemen's population face hunger amid ongoing strife, FAO warns New York, Jan 29 : Some 14.4 million Yemenis, more than half of the population of Yemen, are food insecure, an increase of 12 per cent in just the last eight months, as ongoing conflict and import restrictions reduce availability and send prices soaring, the United Nations agricultural agency warned on Thursday. 29-Jan-2016
Darfur: UN expresses grave concern over new hostilities and impact on civilians New York, Jan 28: The United Nations on Wednesday expressed grave concern over the impact of the ongoing hostilities in Darfur on thousands of civilians who have been forced to flee their homes amid the conflict that began two weeks ago. 28-Jan-2016
As refugee and migrant flood into Europe continues, UN and partners seek $550 million for 2016 New York, Jan 27: With no let-up in the flood of people pouring into Europe as they flee conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere, the United Nations refugee agency and its partners are appealing to donors for $550 million to support the ongoing humanitarian response for 2016. 27-Jan-2016
Amid military confrontation in Darfur, 'limited progress on resolving conflict - UN peacekeeping chief New York, Jan 26: Against the backdrop of renewed military confrontation, the political process to resolve the conflict in Darfur through dialogue remains fragmented with limited progress, the United Nations peacekeeping chief on Monday informed the UN Security Council. 26-Jan-2016
WHO urges vigilance in South-East Asia after case of MERS confirmed in Thailand New York, Jan 25: The United Nations health agency cautioned South-East Asia States on Monday to remain vigilant against the continuing risks of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS CoV) after Thailand confirmed the sometimes fatal disease in a traveller, its second case in seven months. 25-Jan-2016
Dark 'noodles' may lurk in the Milky Way Melbourne, Jan 24 : CSIRO on Sunday said its astronomer and first author of a paper released in Science Dr Keith Bannister said the structures appear to be ‘lumps’ in the thin gas that lies between the stars in our Galaxy. 24-Jan-2016
After first-hand visit to besieged Yemeni city of Taiz, senor UN official calls for unlimited access for aid New York, Jan 24 : Senior United Nations humanitarian officials today called on the authorities and various factions in war-torn Yemen to allow sustained access into the besieged central city of Taiz after seeing first-hand the desperate state of its inhabitants, who lack critical medical supplies, food and other basic needs for survival. 24-Jan-2016
Somalia: UN condemns deadly Al-Shabaab attacks against civilian targets in Mogadishu New York, Jan 23: The United Nations Security Council condemned in the strongest terms on Friday’s attack in Mogadishu perpetrated by Al-Shabaab, “which has resulted in a number of deaths and injuries of innocent civilians going about their daily lives.” 23-Jan-2016
Ban calls on Israel to change policy after reported take-over of West Bank land New York, Jan 22: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for “substantial policy changes on the ground” by Israel, voicing deep concern at reports that the Government has declared of 370 acres in the occupied West Bank south of Jericho as so-called “state land.” 22-Jan-2016
Côte d’Ivoire: UN peacekeeping reduced during country’s progress towards stability New York, Jan 21: Reflecting the “considerable and continued progress” in consolidating peace and stability in Côte d’Ivoire, the Security Council on Wednesday cut a further 1,500 troops from the United Nations peacekeeping Mission, which played a major role in halting violence in the country after disputed elections in 2010. 21-Jan-2016
Fate of civilians in armed conflict ‘grim’ with thousands killed: Security Council New York, Jan 20: With scores of civilians being killed in conflicts worldwide, tens of thousands facing starvation in besieged cities, and hospitals under attack, the United Nations Security Council held a day-long session on Tuesday amid calls for greater accountability and expanded use of the International Criminal Court. 20-Jan-2016
ISIS confirms Jihadi John's death New York, Jan 20: Militant groups ISIS has confirmed that its British militant known as Jihadi John died last year in November. 19-Jan-2016
Yemen: Ban urges all sides to commit to ceasefire New York, Jan 19: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday called on the Government and all parties in Yemen as well as States in the region to commit to a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire to enable the rapid resumption of already delayed peace talks which the United Nations is facilitating. 19-Jan-2016
UN chief says humanitarian finance gap is a 'solvable problem' New York, Jan 18: Highlighting that people around the world are living at an age of “mega-crises,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday welcomed the launch of a new report on finding solutions to the growing gap between the increasing numbers of people in need of assistance and sufficient resources to provide relief. 18-Jan-2016
UN welcomes report on Iran completing required nuclear measures, calling it 'significant milestone' New York, Jan 17: Following the release of a report confirming that Iran has completed necessary preparatory steps to start the implementation of a plan of action aiming to resolve the nuclear issue, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday welcomed the achievement of having reached “Implementation Day,” highlighting that he is heartened by the lifting of sanctions on Iran. 17-Jan-2016
UN calls for regional coordination to aid refugees fleeing Central American violence New York, Jan 15: The United Nations refugee agency on Thursday called for urgent regional coordination to help people fleeing deadly violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in the light of plans by the United States to expand its resettlement programme to benefit them. 15-Jan-2016
Six dead in Jakarta terror attack, four attackers killed Jakarta, Jan 14 : At least six people were killed in a gun and bomb assault in the heart of Indonesia's capital Jakarta on Thursday, reports said. 14-Jan-2016
Donor support helps UN agency continue Humanitarian Air Service across Sudan New York, Jan 14 : The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Wednesday welcomed significant contributions from donors towards the operation in Sudan last year of the UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), which serves as a vital aid link in the country. 14-Jan-2016
Iraq: UN envoy calls on all sides to shun cycle of reprisals following mosque attacks New York, Jan 13: The top United Nations official in Iraq on Monday appealed to all parties in the strife torn-country to avoid being drawn into a vicious cycle or reprisal attacks following the “outrageous” bombing of six mosques in Muqdadiya in Diyala Province. 13-Jan-2016
Turkey: Explosion in Istanbul kills 10 Istanbul, Jan 12: An explosion in Turkish city Istanbul's Sultanahmet area has killed at least 10 people on Tuesday, media reports said. 12-Jan-2016
Yemen: Doctors Without Borders Hospital bombed, 4 killed Sanaa, Jan 11: International medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders has said a projectile hit a hospital in northern Yemen which killed at least four people. 11-Jan-2016
UN special envoy continues regional meetings ahead of 25 January intra-Syrian talks New York, Jan 10: Continuing his regional consultations ahead of United Nations-facilitated talks on resolving the crisis in Syria, UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura had a useful meeting today in Damascus with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Syrian Arab Republic, Walid Mouallem. 09-Jan-2016
Chad: UN provides funds for scores displaced by Boko Haram violence New York, Jan 9: With nearly 200,000 people in Chad in need of urgent aid – 50,000 of them uprooted by Boko Haram terrorists from Nigeria – the United Nations emergency fund today announced a $7 million grant, the second in five months, and called on international donors to provide much more. 09-Jan-2016
ISIS fighter publicly executes his own mother London Jan 8: In a shocking episode, an ISIS fighter has executed his own mother in front of hundreds of citizens on Thursday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday. 08-Jan-2016
ISIL attacks highlight need for implementation of peace accord in Libya: UN envoy New York, Jan 7: The United Nations envoy in Libya, who last month has helped usher in a UN-brokered political agreement for a national government in the strife-torn country, has said an attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on oil installations highlights the need for immediate implementation of the accord. 07-Jan-2016
North Korea announces it has conducted hydrogen bomb test Seoul, Jan 6: North Korea on Wednesday claimed that it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. 06-Jan-2016
China bus fire kills 14 Beijing, Jan 5: At least 14 people were killed in China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region after the bus in which they were traveling caught fire on Tuesday, media reports said. 05-Jan-2016
UN officials dismayed by Saudi executions, urge commuting all death sentences New York, Jan 4 : Top United Nations officials have expressed deep dismay and regret over Saturday's executions by Saudi Arabia of 47 people, including the cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, and called on the country's authorities to commute all death sentences. 04-Jan-2016
Libya: UN envoy holds New Year talks to boost support for unity accord New York, Jan 3: Strife-torn Libya begins 2016 with a ray of hope and the possibility of rediscovering peace in unity, the top United Nations envoy to the country has stressed in a New Year's Day message as he held talks with a cross-section of political leaders. 03-Jan-2016
Saudi Arabia executes Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr Riyadh, Jan 2 : Saudi Arabia has executed 47 people on Saturday in connection with terrorism charges, media reports said. 02-Jan-2016
Dialogue needed between UN, troop and police-contributors: Security Council New York, Jan 1 : The Security Council on Thursday, noting “frustrations on all sides,” highlighted the need to improve dialogue between the United Nations Secretariat and the countries that provide troops and police personnel for the numerous peace operations deployed around the world. 01-Jan-2016
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