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Colombia: Ban welcomes announcement of peace talks between Government and National Liberation Army New York, Mar 31: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed on Wednesday's announcement of the launching of peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN), following the signing of an agreement between the parties. 31-Mar-2016
UN chief welcomes signing by Sudanese Government of African Union roadmap agreement New York, Mar 30 : United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the African Union's latest initiative to accelerate progress towards ending the fighting in Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile states. 30-Mar-2016
Seven people still on board the hijacked Egyptian plance Nicosia, Mar 29: At least Three passengers and four crew are still on the the plane, hijacked by a man to Cyprus on Tuesday as Egypt corrects the hijacker's name. 29-Mar-2016
UN chief visits Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, meets Middle Eastern leaders in capital New York, Mar 28: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon continued his trip to the Middle East on Sunday with a visit to Jordan alongside World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, where they met with refugees from the Zaatari camp, as well as with senior government officials from Palestine, Turkey and Jordan, including King Abdullah II. 27-Mar-2016
In Baghdad, UN chief underlines extreme concern about 'enormous' challenges Iraq faces New York, Mar 27: Visiting Iraq on Saturday for the eighth time as United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon said he is impressed by the progress made, particularly against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or Da'esh, but warned that he remains extremely concerned about the enormous challenges the country faces. 27-Mar-2016
Major milestones reached on renewable energy investments, UN reports New York, Mar 26:Coal and gas-fired electricity generation last year drew less than half the record investment made in solar, wind and other renewables capacity - one of several important firsts for green energy recently announced in a United Nations-backed report. 25-Mar-2016
Time 'to ring the alarm bell' on waning prospects for Middle East peace, UN envoy tells Security Council New York, Mar 25:The United Nations envoy for the peace process in the Middle East on Thursday warned the Security Council that the prospects for an independent Palestinian state are disappearing, and questioned the political will of the Israeli and Palestinian actors to address the main challenges blocking peace efforts. 25-Mar-2016
World Meteorological Day: as extreme weather becomes 'the new normal,' UN urges bold climate action New York, Mar 24: Observing the World Meteorological Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned on Wednesday that extreme weather events are becoming “the new normal” and bold climate action is needed to “face the future now.” 24-Mar-2016
Progress made on humanitarian track for Syria, UN advisor reports New York, Mar 24: The advisor to the United Nations envoy on Syria on Wednesday reported further progress in the humanitarian relief efforts in the conflict-battered country, with more areas reached, allowing medical kits to get through checkpoints, and children to be vaccinated. 24-Mar-2016
Brussels: Two brothers behind attacks Brussels, Mar 23: The police on Wednesday identified two of the attackers who were believed to be responsible for the Brussels massacre on Tuesday, media reports said. 23-Mar-2016
IS claims responsibility for Brussels attack Brussels, Mar 22: The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in Belgium capital Brussels which left more than 30 people killed and scores others injured on Tuesday, media reports said. 22-Mar-2016
21 killed in Brussels explosions Brussels, Mar 22: At least 21 people were killed as several explosions hit Brussels airport and the metro system on Tuesday, media reports said. 22-Mar-2016
New gravity map gives best view yet inside Mars California, Mar 22: A new map of Mars' gravity made with three NASA spacecraft is the most detailed to date, providing a revealing glimpse into the hidden interior of the Red Planet. 21-Mar-2016
Colombia: over 250,000 children impacted by conflict despite peace talks, UN agency reports New York, Mar 21:Hostilities in Colombia have disrupted the lives of more than a quarter of a million children since peace talks began three years ago, the United Nations children's agency on Saturday reported. 21-Mar-2016
UN chief condemns deadly Istanbul attack as 'appalling violence' New York, Mar 20: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday has condemned the bombing in the Turkish city of Istanbul and called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice, consistent with human rights obligations. 19-Mar-2016
UN chief concerned that political will to end racial discrimination ‘is under threat’ New York, Mar 19:Fifteen years after a landmark document to combat racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia was adopted in Durban, South Africa, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday said he is concerned that the political will that existed then is under threat. 19-Mar-2016
North Korea fires ballistic missile into East Sea Seoul, Mar 18: North Korea on Friday fired a ballistic missile into the East Sea, South Korean media said. 17-Mar-2016
UN agency launches food voucher scheme for families in Yemen New York, Mar 17:The United Nations food relief agency has begun distributing vouchers to assist nearly 120,000 people living in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, with plans to reach one million people across the country by the end of 2016. 17-Mar-2016
With Syrian peace talks underway, UN urges support for negotiations and impacted Syrians New York, Mar 16:Marking the fifth anniversary of the Syrian conflict, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday appealed to the stakeholders and the Security Council to fulfil their responsibilities and to help make the United Nations-mediated peace talks a success. 16-Mar-2016
UN agencies warn of funding gaps as 450,000 Mauritanians face food insecurity New York, Mar 15:Two United Nations agencies on Monday reiterated calls for more financial contributions to fund their work in Mauritania, where more than 450,000 people are suffering from food insecurity. 15-Mar-2016
Côte d'Ivoire: beach resort attack 'horrible act of violence,' says UN tourism agency New York, Mar 14:The United Nations tourism agency on Sunday strongly condemned the attack at a hotel in Côte d'Ivoire's beach resort town of Grand Bassam, which reportedly killed more than a dozen people. 14-Mar-2016
Ban welcomes Security Council action to combat sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers New York, Mar 13:United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed yesterday's adoption by the Security Council of special measures to prevent and combat sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers, his spokesman said. 12-Mar-2016
South Sudan: UN announces independent high-level probe into Malakal events New York, Mar 12 :The United Nations will convene an independent high-level board of inquiry to conduct an in-depth investigation into how the UN responded last month to deadly violence in the town of Malakal, in northern South Sudan. 12-Mar-2016
Following missile launch, Ban calls on Iran not to increase tensions through ‘hasty actions’ New York, Mar 11:Following Wednesday’s ballistic missile launch conducted by Iran, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday called on the Government “to act with moderation, caution and the good sense not to increase tensions through any hasty actions.” 11-Mar-2016
Hunger intensifies in areas suffering from drought, flooding and conflict – UN report New York, Mar 10:Thirty-four countries, including 27 in Africa, are currently in need of external assistance for food due to drought, flooding and civil conflicts, according to a new United Nations report released on Wednesday. 10-Mar-2016
Ban marks UN’s 20th year in Bonn, stresses need for ‘shared responsibility’ on migration New York, Mar 9: Continuing his visit to Germany, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon tuesday celebrated the 20th anniversary of the United Nations offices in Bonn, praising the work of the Organization’s agencies based there, and discussed a range of issues with the country’s leaders, including the challenges associated with mass migration. 09-Mar-2016
Ethiopian farmers need urgent assistance amid major drought, warns UN agency New York, Mar 8 (Just Earth News/IBNS): The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday announced that timely agricultural assistance for the upcoming rainy season is essential to help the drought-affected people of Ethiopia, as one of the strongest El Niño events on record continues to have devastating effects on the lives and livelihoods of farmers and herders. 08-Mar-2016
Ban highlights Algeria's 'great progress' while raising alarm on situation in Libya New York, Mar 7 : Visiting Algeria for the second time as United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon on Sunnday said great progress has been made in the country since terrorist attacks in 2007 devastated UN Headquarters in Algiers, while underlining “alarming” developments in Libya that could amount to war crimes. 07-Mar-2016
Turkey: Boat sinks off Aegean coast, 18 killed Ankara, Mar 6: A boat carrying refugees sank in the Aegean Sea off Turkey's western province of Aydin which left 18 people killed, media reports said. 06-Mar-2016
'When cultural heritage is under attack, human rights are under attack' – UN expert New York, Mar 5: The destruction of cultural heritage is a violation of human rights, a United Nations-appointed expert said on Friday, as the international criminal tribunal began a pre-trial procedure for the first-ever case in which charges were brought against the destruction of cultural and religious sites. 04-Mar-2016
Versatile instrument to Scout for Kuiper belt objects California, Mar 4: At the Palomar Observatory near San Diego, astronomers are busy tinkering with a high-tech instrument that could discover a variety of objects both far from Earth and closer to home. 03-Mar-2016
Drug treaties' aim is health, not 'war on drugs,' says UN expert report New York, Mar 3: The ultimate goal of the international drug control treaties is to ensure the health and welfare of mankind, according to a United Nations-backed report, which this year underscored that the objectives of the conventions are often misinterpreted as mandating a “war on drugs.” 02-Mar-2016
War weary families in Central African Republic face dire food situation- UN New York, Mar 2: Three years of conflict and ongoing displacements in the Central African Republic (CAR) continue to disrupt agriculture and severely constrain people's access to food, as they struggle with the effects of multiple poor harvests, disrupted markets and soaring prices for many staple foods, two United Nations agencies warned Tuesday. 02-Mar-2016
UN condemns recent spate of deadly terrorist attacks in Iraq New York, Mar 1:United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Baghdad and Muqdadiya in Iraq that killed scores of civilians and injured many more. 01-Mar-2016
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