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Mozambique: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom meets the child cyclone survivors who’ve lost everything New York, May 31: Visiting storm-ravaged Mozambique, UN Children’s Fund Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom, listened to devastating stories of children who lost everything in Cyclone Idai, while observing on Thursday that UNICEF-built safe spaces have given them “a sense of normality”. 31-May-2019
‘Ground-breaking innovation’ needed in cities, where battle for sustainable development will be won or lost, says UN agency chief New York, May 30: If the battle to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to be won or lost in cities, then they need to “achieve a lasting impact on communities and to ensure that no one is left behind,” the head of the UN agency dealing with sustainable urban development said on Wednesday. 30-May-2019
Eight years in, Syria still embroiled in conflict ‘that no longer sparks outrage’, Security Council hears New York, May 29: After eight years of deadly air strikes and terrorist attacks that have left hundreds of thousands of Syrians dead and millions of others injured, United Nations Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ursula Mueller asked the Security Council on Tuesday, the hard-hitting question: “Can’t this Council take any concrete action when attacks on schools and hospitals have become a war tactic that no longer sparks outrage”? 29-May-2019
Yemen update: UNICEF chief condemns attack in Taiz that claims lives of seven children New York, May 28: Nowhere is safe in Yemen, the head of the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF said, after an attack in the city of Taiz claimed the lives of 12 civilians, including seven youngsters – the latest victims of the country’s more than four-year war. 28-May-2019
Second suspect detained in French Lyon within investigation into Friday blast : Mayor Paris, May 27: French law enforcement bodies have detained the second person in connection with the investigation into the blast, which left 13 people injured in the French city of Lyon on Friday, Lyon Mayor Gerard Collomb said on Monday. 27-May-2019
‘Huge’ stakes, ‘daunting’ job to tackle gender-based violence, UNICEF chief tells ground-breaking conference New York, May 25: One-in-three girls or women will experience physical or sexual violence in her lifetime, and “the risk multiplies” during a conflict or natural disaster, the Executive Director of UNICEF told delegates attending the first-ever “Ending Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in Humanitarian Crises Conference” on Friday, in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. 25-May-2019
Brexit effect: Theresa May to resign as PM London, May 24: UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday announced that she will quit as Conservative leader on 7 June. 24-May-2019
Iraq needs support to ‘leave violent past behind’, says UN envoy as Security Council extends UN mission for one year New York, May 22: Iraq’s democratic transition – weighed down by political infighting, weak institutions, corruption, and the constant threat of ISIL – needs more international support, “lots of time and lots of hard work,” the top United Nations official in the country said on Tuesday. 22-May-2019
Sacrifice of fallen 'blue helmet' to be honoured with UN’s highest peacekeeping award New York, May 21: In recognition of his “brave and selfless” action under fire in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ̶ saving the life of a fellow ‘blue helmet’ and helping his colleagues repel an armed group ̶ the late Malawian soldier Chancy Chitete, will be honoured with the UN’s highest peacekeeping award this coming Friday, by the UN Secretary-General. 21-May-2019
Egypt security forces kill 12 terrorists in raids after Giza attack Cairo, May 20: Egyptian security forces killed 12 terrorists in raids in capital and Giza province on Monday, said the country's Interior Ministry in a statement. 20-May-2019
Are robots sexist? UN report shows gender bias in talking digital tech New York, May 18: Why do most voice assistants have female names, and why do they have submissive personalities? The answer, says a new report released on Friday by UNESCO, the UN’s Education, Science and Culture agency, is that there are hardly any women working in the technical teams that develop these services and other cutting-edge digital tools. 18-May-2019
‘The time for action is now’ senior UN peacekeeping official says, urging support for regional force combating Sahel terrorism New York, May 17: The five-year-old force working to stabilize Africa’s Sahel has shown great potential, but needs more support from the international community to reach full operational capacity, a top UN peacekeepingofficial said on Thursday, calling for enhanced political and economic solutions to help tackle the strife-torn region’s myriad challenges. 17-May-2019
Yemen war ‘a test of our humanity’, and we’re ‘badly failing’ warns UN Children’s Fund chief New York, May 16: “Fifteen million children in Yemen are asking you to save their lives” the head of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) told the 15 members of the Security Council on Wednesday, in an impassioned plea for action to end four years of fighting which has left at least 7,300 children killed or seriously injured. 16-May-2019
UN monitoring team in Yemen verifies pullout of armed forces from crucial port zones New York, May 15: The UN team set up to monitor the ceasefire agreement between warring parties in Yemen has formally verified the pullout of armed Ansar Allah, or Houthi forces, from port zones in the country that are crucial to the flow of humanitarian aid, describing cooperation they have received so far as “very good.” 15-May-2019
‘Disaster resilient’ farming reduces agriculture risks, yields economic gains, says new UN agriculture agency report New York, May 14: A scale of economic gains through easy-to-implement "disaster resilient" farming practices was revealed on Monday at the launch of a new study by the United Nations agriculture agency. 14-May-2019
UN condemns deadly attack on Burkina Faso church New York, May 13: Senior UN officials, including Secretary-General António Guterres have voiced their outrage at a deadly attack on a Catholic church in the north of Burkina Faso on Sunday, during which six people were reportedly killed by gunmen. 13-May-2019
World Migratory Bird Day highlights deadly risks of plastic pollution New York, May 12: Saturday marked World Migratory Bird Day which, this year, is raising awareness about the serious threats that plastic pollution poses to bird life, with a call for urgent measures to end the problem. 12-May-2019
UN monitoring chief welcomes Houthi offer to unilaterally withdraw from key Yemeni port of Hudaydah New York, May 11: As Yemenis continue to finalize redeployment procedures in line with the UN-brokered Hudaydah Agreement, under which Government coalition and rebel leaders are to pull forces out of the key port city of Hudaydah, the Chair of the Redeployment Coordination Committee on Friday welcomed an offer by the Houthi opposition to begin a unilateral withdrawal. 11-May-2019
London: Gun fired at Ilford Seven Kings mosque London, May 10: A gunman opened fire outside a mosque in London city on Thursday, media reports said. 10-May-2019
Sahel crisis reaching unprecedented levels, warn top UN humanitarian officials New York, May 9: Repeated and increasingly sophisticated armed attacks in the Sahel and food shortages linked to last year’s severe drought, have reached unprecedented levels, putting the future of a “whole generation” at stake, three top UN humanitarian officials said on Wednesday. 09-May-2019
Cameroon: Clear ‘window of opportunity’ to solve crises rooted in violence - Bachelet New York, May 7: The UN human rights chief on Monday welcomed Cameroon’s willingness to cooperate over finding workable solutions to “major human rights and humanitarian crises”, caused by months of serious unrest and violence across the west and north of the country. 07-May-2019
At least 3 dead in explosion at chemical plant in Russia's Perm region -Emergency Services Moscow, May 6: An explosion has killed at least three people at an ammonia workshop of the Uralchem manufacturer in Russia's city of Berezniki in Perm Krai, local emergency services told Sputnik Monday. 06-May-2019
North Korean families facing deep ‘hunger crisis’ after worst harvest in 10 years, UN food assessment shows New York, May 4: More than 10 million North Koreans are suffering “severe food shortages” after the worst harvest in a decade, according to a United Nations food security assessment released on Friday. 04-May-2019
Inclusion, equality a must for ‘long-lasting peace and sustainable development’, UN official tells high-level event in Baku New York, May 3: Exclusion and deep inequality will forever thwart “long-lasting peace and sustainable development”, a high-level official from the United Nations cultural agency said on Thursday at the 5th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue. 03-May-2019
US Sec of State Pompeo credits UN Washington, May 2: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has referred to the United Nation Security Council (UNSC)'s designation of terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as the global terrorist as a "victory for American diplomacy". 02-May-2019
‘Action and tangible progress’ needed to finally ‘win the peace’ for Syrians: UN envoy New York, May 1: It will take “action and tangible progress” between Syrian Government and opposition leaders, not just dialogue, to bring about lasting peace said the UN Special Envoy for the war-torn country on Tuesday, stressing that Syria “contains many threats for renewed escalation”. 01-May-2019
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