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Nepal: Chinese defy COVID-19 lockdown, clash with locals in Lamjung Washington: China's GDP growth is expected to decline to 2.3 per cent in the baseline scenario in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the World Bank said in a report. 31-Mar-2020
Thailand's Phuket on lockdown until April 30 to curb COVID-19 spread : reports Moscow: Phuket, Thailand’s biggest island and major tourist destination, was put on lockdown on Monday in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus, national media reported, citing the governor’s order. 30-Mar-2020
COVID19: WHO shamed again for backing China after official refuses to recognise Taiwan Geneva/Taipei: The World Health Organization (WHO), which is under fire for its alleged efforts to protect China over the transmission of coronavirus, has been slammed again for its bias against Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic of China (ROC) and has been governed independently despite the Chinese claim of the island nation as its province. 29-Mar-2020
Peacekeeping radio stations provide COVID-19 information to vulnerable communities in conflict-affected countries New York: UN Peacekeeping radio stations have in recent decades helped build support for peace process in a dozen countries around the world including Cambodia, Croatia, Namibia and Timor-Leste. 28-Mar-2020
Violence erupts in China as people attempt to leave COVID19-hit Hubei province Beijing: The Chinese government's decision to relax an epidemic lockdown, which was triggered following the spread of Coronavirus in Wuhan region seems to have backfired as violent protests occurred on a bridge between China’s virus-stricken Hubei province and neighbouring Jiangxi province recently, media reports said. 28-Mar-2020
USD 20 Trillion lawsuit filed in US against China over COVID 19 outbreak Washington: American lawyer Larry Klayman and his advocacy group Freedom Watch has recently filed $20 Trillion lawsuit against Chinese authorities in the US over the Coronavirus outbreak which has hit nearly all the nations across the globe. 27-Mar-2020
Amid propaganda to shift blame, China blocks draft to discuss COVID 19 pandemic issue at UNSC New York: China, which is believed to be the epicentre of the outbreak of COVID 19, has been opposing discussion of the issue in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) even as the Asian giant launched a massive propaganda to wash its hand of the origin of its outbreak, media reports said. 26-Mar-2020
UN chief calls for ceasefire as Yemen braces for possible COVID-19 outbreak New York: Echoing his 23 March appeal to warring parties across the globe for an immediate ceasefire, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called on those fighting in Yemen to end hostilities and ramp up efforts to counter a potential outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 26-Mar-2020
Enable ‘all out effort’ to counter COVID-19 in war-ravaged Syria, urges top UN envoy New York: The top United Nations envoy in Syria called on Tuesday for an immediate country-wide truce, allowing citizens to save lives and tackle the common threat presented by the COVID-19 coronavirus. 25-Mar-2020
One Belt, One Road, One Virus: How Italy, Iran follow China's OBOR path to perdition For the past few years, what trended was One Belt, One Road (OBOR), the ambitious Chinese catchphrase to rope in 78 countries in its dream connectivity project for the economic domination of the world. Circa 2020, and two more words are added to that- one virus. Suddenly, Italy, Iran and others are realising that it is One Belt, One Road, One Virus. 23-Mar-2020
COVID 19 scare: Chinese students escaping UK amid racist attacks Beijing/London: Amid reports of racist attacks triggered by so-called 'maskaphobia', several Chinese students are attempting to 'flee' the United Kingdom to reach their home country, media reports said. 22-Mar-2020
Was Coronavirus imported to Italy directly from China? Reports blame Chinese intrusion in iconic Italian leather industry Rome: With Italy witnessing one of the worst episodes of coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed lives of 4,032 people, doubts are high that whether the presence of greater number of Chinese workers in the country's elite leather-good factories might have triggered the enormous amount of carnage carried out by the virus. 21-Mar-2020
Women plough the way to peace in South Sudan resettlement project New York: Women who had been displaced by fighting in South Sudan are sowing seeds of peace, with support from the UN mission in the country, UNMISS. 19-Mar-2020
Talking to your children about coronavirus: Let them know you’re listening, remind them you care New York: As many adults are overwhelmed and anxious about the coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations shined a light on how children may be feeling and urged parents to have open, supportive discussions to help them cope. 18-Mar-2020
UN Population Fund sounds alarm over dire situation facing women and girls in Syria after 10 years of war New York: The UN sexual and reproductive health agency UNFPA, is expressing increasing concern about the women and girls trapped in Syria’s dire and escalating humanitarian crisis, especially in the north-west, where hostilities have caused mass displacement, human suffering and damage to civilian facilities. 17-Mar-2020
Stay away from Europe, if sick infect the infidels: ISIS instructs its militants New Delhi: The terrorist militant organisation ISIS has warned its terrorists to stay away from Europe, which has now been termed the "epicentre" of the global coronavirus pandemic by the World Health Organisation. 15-Mar-2020
As Syrian conflict enters 10th year, ‘brutal truth’ is, there is little protection for families New York: Although a fragile ceasefire agreed in northwest Syria is still holding, UN humanitarians on Friday warned of dire conditions for hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced by conflict, now in its tenth year. 14-Mar-2020
War in Syria: 'Carnage', flouting of rights and international law, must stop: Guterres New York: UN agencies have underscored their commitment to continue supporting civilians affected by the war in Syria, which this month enters its tenth year. The Secretary-General issued a statement on Thursday, declaring that "we cannot allow the tenth year to result in the same carnage, the same flouting of human rights and international humanitarian law." 13-Mar-2020
Five things you should know now, about the COVID-19 pandemic New York: On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) upgraded the status of the COVID-19 outbreak from epidemic to pandemic. Here are five important pieces of information on what this means for you and your community. 12-Mar-2020
UN programme to help spare millions from child marriage, extended to 2023 New York: Millions of girls have been able to avoid “an unwanted marriage and an unwelcome end to their childhood”, since the launch four years ago, of a joint UN agency programme, the head of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Tuesday. 11-Mar-2020
Nicaragua: After two years of crisis, more than 100,000 have fled the country New York: Over the past two years, more than 100,000 people in Nicaragua have sought asylum abroad, reportedly fleeing persecution and human rights abuses, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Tuesday. 11-Mar-2020
Amid COVID-19 constraints, UN women’s commission meets to push gender equality forward New York: Despite constraints imposed by the new coronavirus disease, activists for gender equality gathered at UN Headquarters on Monday for the latest session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), to reinforce the message that women’s rights are human rights. 10-Mar-2020
Rising number of young people excluded from jobs, education and training New York: The number of young people around the world who are neither employed, studying or in some kind of training, is on the rise, according to a new report released on Monday by the International Labour Organization (ILO). 10-Mar-2020
Vatican City reports first coronavirus case Vatican City: The Vatican City on Friday confirmed its first coronavirus case. 06-Mar-2020
Use of religious beliefs to justify rights violations must be outlawed says UN expert New York: Laws underpinned by religious conviction that discriminate against women and the LGBT+ community should be repealed, and gender-based violence carried out in the name of religion by non-State groups must be addressed, an independent UN expert said on Monday in a report presented to the Human Rights Council. 03-Mar-2020
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