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Recent incursion into India is China's strategic blunder, feels noted US journo Fareed Zakaria New York: Noted American journalist Fareed Zakaria has said China has been committing strategic blunders in recent times and one of the major has been when it attempted to intrude into India. 30-Jun-2020
Independent experts urge UNHRC to take decisive measures against China for collective repression in Tibet, Xinjiang Geneva: A group of independent experts have called upon the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to “act with a sense of urgency” in taking major decisions in protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms in Tibet and Xinjiang province, media reports said. 30-Jun-2020
EU reopens border for 15 countries, excludes US and puts conditions for China Brussels: The European Union on Tuesday decided to open its border for 15 'safe countries', excluding the United States while for China it is ‘subject to confirmation of reciprocity' by Beijing. 30-Jun-2020
Two Zimbabwean workers shot dead by Chinese boss, ZELA condemns Harare: Two Zimbabwean workers were shot dead by a Chinese boss at Reden Mine in Gweru, triggering condemnation from the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA). 30-Jun-2020
Whistleblower claims Chinese Communist Party pays off Vatican $2 billion annually for its silence on Chinese atrocities Exiled Chinese dissident Guo Wengei has alleged that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “allocates $2 billion a year” to pay off the Vatican for its silence concerning atrocities carried out by Beijing. 30-Jun-2020
China passes Hong Kong Security Law Beijing: Beijing on Tuesday unanimously passed the controversial security law for Hong Kong that will not only criminalise secession, subversion and collusion with foreign forces, but also effectively curtail protests and freedom of speech. 30-Jun-2020
US National Security Advisor slams China, calls Xi Jinping a successor of Joseph Stalin Washington: US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien recently launched an attack on China and likened the country's president Xi Jinping to dictator Joseph Stalin. 29-Jun-2020
European Union, US agree to launch dialogue on China, CCP threat: Pompeo Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the United States and the European Union have agreed to launch a dialogue on China to address the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. 28-Jun-2020
New Law: Ex- UN human rights chief demands for Hong Kong special envoy Geneva: Hong Kong is witnessing protests in recent times as China is gearing up to impose its national security law on the city, making the United Nations’ former human rights chief and eight former U.N. special envoys to urge the body’s secretary-general to appoint a special envoy on the region. 28-Jun-2020
Hong Kong police bans major protest on security law, organizers say Hong Kong: Organizers have said Hong Kong police on Saturday banned a major demonstration against China's planned national security law for the city on the ground of following social distancing and previous unrest measures. 28-Jun-2020
Britain must act against China's intention to destroy Hong Kong's autonomy: UK MP Stewart McDonald London: United Kingdom MP Stewart McDonald has asked the UK government to act against the Chinese government's intention to destroy Hong Kong’s autonomy. 28-Jun-2020
UN experts call for decisive measures to protect fundamental freedoms in China   Geneva: UN independent experts have repeatedly communicated with the Government of the People’s Republic of China their alarm regarding the repression of fundamental freedoms in China.  28-Jun-2020
China violated Panchsheel agreement several times: Tibetan Youth Congress chief New Delhi: A senior Tibetan leader has accused China of betraying India on several occasions despite having signed the Panchsheel Agreement in 1954. 28-Jun-2020
US places China in Tier 3 category in TIP report Washington: In its Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, the US has claimed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the state-owned companies are making their employees work in "horrendous conditions" on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects. 27-Jun-2020
Hong Kong crisis: Pro-democracy leaders voice concern over prospect of indefinite detention without trial under new law Hong Kong: Amid protests and tensions in the city, Hong Kong democrats have now voiced concern over the security secretary’s failure to clarify whether suspects arrested under the impending national security law could be detained indefinitely without trial or charge, media reports said. 27-Jun-2020
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival: Police arrest protesters Hong Kong: Amid growing tension over the new law, the Hong Kong police on Thursday dispersed dozens of protesters who had assembled at the Yuen Long shopping centre to mark the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival holiday, media reports said. 27-Jun-2020
Hong Kong security law: US Senate passes bill to impose sanctions on China Washington: The US Senate has passed a pair of bills by unanimous consent which would impose sanctions on China for its decision to implement the controversial national security law on Hong Kong that critics have said might erode the city's democratic rights. 27-Jun-2020
DR Congo: eastern Ebola outbreak defeated, ‘mission impossible’ now a ‘sign of hope’ New York: After nearly two years and 2,280 deaths, the world’s second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is finally over, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday. 26-Jun-2020
Hong Kong new law: Beijing targeting schools to impose its policies Beijing: It seems that China is apparently trying to target school students to silence them as the system has emerged as a battleground over Beijing's move to impose national security legislation in the city. 25-Jun-2020
Female minor student protester accuses Hong Kong Police officer of sexual assault Hong Kong: A minor girl in Hong Kong has claimed that one police officer sexually assaulted her during her arrest at a protest in the city last September, media reports said. 25-Jun-2020
Security law puts Hong Kong pastors at risk of being extradited to China, warns Watch Dog Beijing: China is pushing to implement the national security law on Hong Kong and in such a scenario pro-democracy activists and religious leaders face a risk of being extradited to mainland China for trial, as per a US-based Christian watchdog. 25-Jun-2020
Countries should find strategy that ceases to empower China: IPAC Washington: Stating that the Galwan standoff between Chinese and Indian Army officials has shown the return of 'major power violence' in the world, a global organisation of parliamentarians from democracies has said countries should work together to find a strategy that ceases to empower President Xi Jinping’s country. 24-Jun-2020
Vote in Japan to change status of disputed islands, may escalate tension with China Tokyo: The dispute between Japan and China might reach another point of tension as a Japanese city passed a bill to change the administrative name of a group of islands under its authority to officially include the name "Senkaku" for the first time. 23-Jun-2020
Japan-China may engage in bitter standoff over claim on group of islands on East China Sea Beijing/Tokyo: Away from Ladakh, a group of islands on the East China Sea can be the next hotspot for a bigger dispute between India and China as both the countries claim the region to be their own. 23-Jun-2020
First Person: Ending violence against women - ‘men and boys — I am talking to you’, says UN Deputy Chief New York: Men and boys who “turn a blind eye” to violence against women, must accept that they are “accomplices to violence” according to the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed. 23-Jun-2020
COVID-19 cases in China were likely 37 times higher than reported in January : US Think Tank Washington: A US-based think tank has said COVID-19 cases in China, the place from where the disease is believed to have originated, were likely 37 times higher than reported in January 2020. 22-Jun-2020
Satellite images show China attempts to diverting Galwan River's course Beijing: New satellite images, which have surfaced, have shown China is attempting to divert the course of the Galwan River in Ladakh region. 21-Jun-2020
National security law will trigger fresh protests in Hong Kong: Joshua Wong Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has said implementation of the new legislation by the Chinese government on the city may trigger protests. 21-Jun-2020
China took aggressive stance as it felt threatened by India's infrastructure building in Ladakh: Gilgit Baltistan activist Washington: A Gilgit Baltistan activist feels that India building the infrastructure projects in Ladakh region has made China feel threatened and it resorted to aggressive stance in recent times. 20-Jun-2020
China creating multiple fronts like one in Ladakh to take advantage of global COVID-19 situation: US diplomat Washington: A senior US diplomat feels that China is creating multiple fronts, like the one which it attempted to create in Ladakh, to take advantage of the current situation when the world is busy combating COVID-19 outbreak. 20-Jun-2020
Geneva: Tibetans hold anti-China protest at UN complex Geneva: Members of the Tibetan community from Switzerland and Lichtenstein on Friday demonstrated against China in front of the complex of the United Nations here. 20-Jun-2020
Reconsider decision on imposing national security law on Hong Kong: G7 Foreign Ministers urge China Hong Kong: Foreign Ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) member countries have asked China to reconsider its decision to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong. 19-Jun-2020
Uyghur 'Imams' most vulnerable to persecution in China, claim victims Beijing: Uyghur victims’ families and scholars have claimed that religious leaders belonging to their community have become most vulnerable to persecution at the hands of the Chinese community in Xinjiang province of northwest China. 19-Jun-2020
European Union chief diplomat calls for EU-US dialogue to counter Beijing Brussels: A key European Union diplomat this week called for talks between Europe and the US with an aim to forge a common transatlantic front against China. 19-Jun-2020
The fault lies mostly with the Chinese, says US national security expert on Galwan Valley standoff Washington: A US national security expert on Thursday reacted to the recent developments along the Indo-China border in Ladakh and said the fault lies mostly with Beijing behind the start of the violence which left 20 Indian soldiers dead. 18-Jun-2020
China fumes, Uighurs rejoice after Trump passes law to punish Chinese crackdown on Uighur Muslims Beijing/Washington: Cornered worldwide over the Covid-19 fiasco, China is now fuming after yet another setback as the United States passed a legislation to punish the Chinese crackdown on Uighur Muslims, media reports said. 18-Jun-2020
Russia charges noted scientist with treason for passing state secrets to China Moscow: Russia has charged a top scientist of the country with treason after accusing him of passing state secrets to China. 16-Jun-2020
China may occupy Tibet physically but not mentally: Dalai Lama Bodh Gaya: Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama has said the Chinese government can physically capture Tibet but they cannot control the minds of the people from the region. 14-Jun-2020
Hong Kong protests might have serious impact on its special status that will end in 2047: Beijing Beijing: China has warned that widespread demonstrations might have a serious impact on Hong Kong's special status which will end in 2047 under Beijing's 'one country, two systems' principle, specially at a time when the city is still witnessing pro-democracy protests. 14-Jun-2020
Pro-China police justifies excess in Hong Kong blaming youngsters for committing crimes under shadow of protest Beijing: Justifying the aggressive tactic adopted by the security officials towards pro-democracy protesters, the pro-China Hong Kong police are now accusing young Hong Kongers of committing crimes under the shadow of unrest. 14-Jun-2020
Vietnam raises objection to China's Undersea Cable Construction in Paracel Island Hanoi: Vietnam has objected to China's reported move of laying undersea cables in the disputed Paracel Islands. 14-Jun-2020
Religious freedom conditions in China continued to deteriorate: US report Washington: An annual American report on religious freedom has said China continues to create a high-tech surveillance state, utilizing facial recognition and artificial intelligence to monitor religious minorities. 13-Jun-2020
Hong Kongers confronting 'largest, retiring regime', says activist Joshua Wong Hong Kong: At a time when China decided to impose the new national security law on Hong Kong, pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said the people of the city are standing against the "largest and retiring regime" in the world. 11-Jun-2020
China engaged in targeted influence operations and disinformation campaigns: EU Brussels: When Beijing is facing heat over the origin of the deadly COVID-19 virus from China, European Union has now claimed that it is running disinformation campaigns. 11-Jun-2020
Rights experts condemn use of force against journalists covering US protests New York: Journalists covering ongoing protests denouncing systemic racism and police brutality in the United States must be able to do their job in peace, two experts on the right to freedom of expression said on Wednesday. 11-Jun-2020
China convicts Uyghurs in sham trials: reports Beijing: Describing their ordeal, Uyghur Muslims have recounted to a foreign media how they were forcefully made to confess their crimes and even convicted without proper legal representation. 09-Jun-2020
UK: Khalistani organizations emerging as profitable business venture The Khalistani organizations have not only increased significantly in the UK recently, but they have also emerged as a profitable business venture for those who do not have any other source to earn a living, media reports said. 09-Jun-2020
COVID-19 episode unveils China's local censorship story  The COVID-19 outbreak may have opened a major Pandora's box in China where people are facing censorship if they try to reveal the truth behind the disease that has now spread globally. 08-Jun-2020
Three Chinese nationals murdered in Zambia, envoy demands probe Lusaka: Three Chinese nationals were allegedly murdered by unknown men in Lusaka city of Zambia last month, prompting the Chinese envoy deployed in the country to demand for an immediate probe into the incident. 06-Jun-2020
Terrorist groups exploiting COVID-19 in Sahel, UN peacekeeping chief tells Security Council New York: COVID-19 is complicating an already complex security situation in the Sahel, with terrorist groups exploiting the pandemic as they step up attacks on national and international forces, the UN’s peacekeeping chief said on Friday. 06-Jun-2020
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