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Record 212 land and environment activists killed in 2019, says independent watchdog Global Witness New York: Independent watchdog Global Witness on Wednesday revealed the highest number of land and environmental defenders were murdered on record in a single year. 29-Jul-2020
Xinjiang is another Bangladesh waiting to happen, says activist Lily Harding New York: Activist Lily Harding feels that Xinjiang region in China is likely to become another Bangladesh (read get liberation like Bangladesh got in 1971) as the people of the area dread Chinese Communist Party control and yearn for a stable democratic republic. 26-Jul-2020
Australia now joins US in declaring China's claims in South China Sea as 'illegal' Sydney/Beijing: In a move, which might further deteriorate relations with China, Australia has backed the US in declaring Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea to be illegal. 26-Jul-2020
China's Wuhan lab operating 'covert operations' in Pakistan, creating "anthrax-like" pathogens: Report With the world still battling COVID-19 outbreak, Pakistan and China have entered a secret three-year deal to expand potential bio-warfare capabilities, including running several research projects related to the deadly agent anthrax, media reports said. 25-Jul-2020
US: Singaporean national pleads guilty to working as Chinese spy Washington: A Singaporean national has pleaded guilty to charges of being a spy of China, US Department of Justice said on Friday. 25-Jul-2020
US: Researchers charged with visa fraud after lying about their work for China’s People’s Liberation Army Washington: Four individuals have recently been charged with visa fraud in connection with a scheme to lie about their status as members of the People’s Republic of China’s military forces, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), while in the United States conducting research, the country's Department of Justice said. 25-Jul-2020
CCP's founding anniversary: Students for Free Tibet demonstrate in Dharamshala Dharamshala: Protesting against the 99th founding anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Students for Free Tibet (SFT) - India demonstrated in Dharamshala town in India's Himachal Pradesh on Thursday. 25-Jul-2020
China engaged in illegal spying for year, alleges US official Washington: The United States has said that China is engaged in a massive illegal spying and influencing operations against US government officials and even the citizens of the country. 25-Jul-2020
Sucker for conquest symbolism: Journalist slams Turkish President over conversion of Hagia Sophia to mosque Ankara: The conversion of the iconic Hagia Sophia to a mosque is being seen by experts as country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's attempt to wage a war on Islamophobia. 25-Jul-2020
Beijing is attempting to change global thinking on South China Sea: Report Washington: A Washington-based think tank has claimed that China is not only attempting to change facts on the ground in the South China Sea, but is also seeking to gradually change the world’s mind regarding its claims there. 23-Jul-2020
Stop destabilising action: US Secretary of Defense Dr Mark Esper tells China Washington: Amid tension arising in different corners of the world due to China's aggressive stance, US Secretary of Defense Dr Mark Esper has directed China to stop its 'destabilizing actions' and abide by international laws and norms. 23-Jul-2020
Canada: Uyghur victims narrate about Chinese atrocities to House of Commons Ottawa: The House of Commons of Canada on Monday discussed the human rights situation of Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province where the experts discussed the threats faced by the people belonging to the minority community in the country. 23-Jul-2020
Cyber spy: US accuses hackers of trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine data for China Washington: The US government has accused China of sponsoring hackers who have targeted labs developing vaccine to fight COVID-19 disease, which is believed to have spread across the globe from Wuhan. 23-Jul-2020
Religious intolerance: China now 'orders' Christians to destroy crosses on their churches and take down images of Jesus Beijing: In what can be seen as an aggressive stance taken by China to destroy religious tolerance in the country, authorities have directed some Christians to smash the crosses on their churches and remove images of Jesus from their homes, media reports said. 23-Jul-2020
Chinese companies forcing Uyghur population to produce face masks An investigation conducted by an American newspaper has unveiled that Chinese companies are using Uyghur Muslims to produce protective gears needed to fight COVID-19 which include masks. 21-Jul-2020
Toronto witnesses protest against Chinese communist regime Toronto: A large number of people in Canadian city of Toronto recently staged a protest against the Communist Chinese regime outside the Chinese consulate. 21-Jul-2020
Oxford University's COVID-19 vaccine triggers 'strong immune response' Setting a big mark of progress, a coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford has produced a strong immune response and appeared to be safe, a new study revealed on Monday. 20-Jul-2020
US State Department memo: Wuhan lab was not operating safely Washington: The US State Department has released two partially redacted versions of unclassified memos written by American officials who had visited Wuhan Institute of Virology and expressed concerns over the safety protocols and practices followed by the laboratory in 2018, media reports said. 18-Jul-2020
Chinese authorities forcefully relocated over 50 Tibetans, claims Tibet Watch report Beijing: Chinese authorities forcefully relocated around 59 Tibetans from 13 different households in eastern Tibet on June 24, Free Tibet’s research partner, Tibet Watch has said. 17-Jul-2020
Tibetan govt-in exile hails US move to bar Chinese officials who restrict access to Tibet Dharamshala: The Tibetan government-in-exile has appreciated the US government's move of imposing visa restrictions on Chinese officials under the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act. 17-Jul-2020
World off track in meeting 2030 Agenda, UN deputy chief warns, calls for solidarity in COVID-19 recovery 17-Jul-2020
Mike Pompeo calls for free and fair Hong Kong Legislative Council polls Washington: After China declared primaries held by Hong Kong’s pro-democratic parties on the weekend ‘illegal’, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Legislative Council election in the city in September should be equally free and fair. 16-Jul-2020
US will now impose sanctions on some Huawei employees, says Mike Pompeo after UK's move against Chinese firm Washington: In a bold move that may further escalate tension between Beijing and Washington, the US government on Wednesday announced it will impose sanctions on some Huawei employees. 16-Jul-2020
Japan defence white paper claims Beijing is pushing territorial claims amid COVID-19 Tokyo: Japan has said China is pushing its territorial claims under the cover of the coronavirus pandemic. 16-Jul-2020
Tibetan representatives meet WHO, UN officials in Delhi, demand probe in COVID-19 virus origin New Delhi: Meeting World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) officials in Delhi, representatives of 10 Tibetan associations submitted a memorandum where they demanded a transparent investigation into the source of the infection. 15-Jul-2020
China using corrupt leaders to make inroads into economically weaker nations like Nepal: Reports A report has suggested that China makes inroads into economically weaker nations by using its corrupt leaders. 14-Jul-2020
Uyghurs, Tibetans, Hong Kongers demonstrate against China in Tokyo Tokyo: Slamming China for its policies in respective regions, about 300 Uyghur, Tibetan and Hong Kong demonstrators marched in Tokyo city of Japan on Sunday. 14-Jul-2020
Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi passes away at 59 Johanesburg: Nelson Mandela and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's daughter Zindzi Mandela-Hlongwane has died at the age of 59, local media reported on Monday. 13-Jul-2020
And now China is planning to sue think tanks and researchers Beijing: It seems China is trying to silence the voice of the critics who are targeting it for allegedly torturing ethnic minority community as Beijing is now planning to sue the researchers and think tanks who are behind these revelations, media reports said. 13-Jul-2020
People from different nations demonstrate in Tokyo against Chinese oppression Tokyo: People from different regions of the world, including Hong Kong, Tibet and East Turkestan, demonstrated against China in the Japanese capital Tokyo on Sunday. 12-Jul-2020
Xinjiang: US govt imposes sanctions on senior CCP officials over human rights violations Washington: The United States recently imposed sanctions and visa restrictions against some senior officials of Chinese Communist Party in response to the human rights violations in Xinjiang region of the country. 12-Jul-2020
Exiled Uyghurs now move ICC to probe Chinese 'genocide' in Xinjiang A group of Uyghurs, who are currently in exile, have submitted evidence to the International Criminal Court and sought an investigation into senior Chinese officials, including Xi Jinping, for genocide and crimes against humanity. 12-Jul-2020
Waiting to declare famine ‘will be too late for Yemenis on brink of starvation’ New York: In Yemen, fears of famine have resurfaced as UN humanitarians also warned on Friday that 360,000 severely malnourished children could die unless they continue to get treatment and aid is stepped up. 11-Jul-2020
Hong Kong: China's new agency to monitor national security law implementation Hong Kong: Despite violent protests and agitations, Chinese authorities have opened a new agency in Hong Kong city which will be engaged in monitoring the implementation of the newly enacted law on national security in the special administrative region, media reports said. 10-Jul-2020
China is using 'debt-plomacy' against Muslim nations to buy its silence on Uyghurs: Report Beijing: China's ‘debt-plomacy’ imposed on Islamic nations like Pakistan is the reason why these countries are silent to the alleged Chinese excesses against its Muslim population, according a Singapore publication. 10-Jul-2020
Hong Kong-China conflict: UN rights body says it is analysing contents of the new National Security Law Geneva: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has said it is analysing the contents of the new National Security Law that was adopted very carefully by China recently in terms of its compliance with the international human rights obligations applicable to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). 10-Jul-2020
Australia might ban Chinese app Tik Tok Sydney: Amid growing concern that the platform might pose a national security threat and even when it is feared that the user's data might be shared with China, the Australia government is planning to ban Tik Tok following the action taken by India after a border faceoff with China, media reports said. 10-Jul-2020
Uyghur rights group asks UN to immediately strip China of its participatory status at UNHRC Washington: Expressing concern over the manner in which China treats the minority community, a Uyghur rights group has urged the United Nations to immediately strip Beijing of its participatory status at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). 10-Jul-2020
China’s Coast Guard shows up at Vanguard Bank in South China Sea to rile Vietnam 10-Jul-2020
Chinese checkers: Boundary with China under negotiation, it hasn't been demarcated, says Bhutan Thimphu/New Delhi: Amid COVID-19 pandemic spread and Chinese aggression evident in different corners of Asia, Himalayan nation Bhutan said its boundary with China is "under negotiation" and hasn't been demarcated. 10-Jul-2020
China eyes US health care organizations, pharma cos, academic institutions researching on COVID-19: FBI director Washington: Focussing on the threat which China poses to the world, FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday said Beijing is working to compromise American health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions conducting essential COVID-19 research. 10-Jul-2020
Power cuts hit South Africa amid COVID-19 Cape Town: A new spate of power cuts hit South Africa on Friday, the first time in four months, as the country grapples with an escalating COVID-19 pandemic. 10-Jul-2020
US military to stand strongly with India in clash with China: White House official Washington: Amid border clashes between India and China and raging tension, a top White House aide has said that the US military will stand strong with New Delhi. 09-Jul-2020
Illegal trafficking: Zimbabwe deports Pakistani diplomat In an embarrassment for Pakistan, Zimbabwe has deported a Pakistani diplomat for flouting multiple local and international laws related to illegal trafficking, media reports said. 09-Jul-2020
British Journalist questions Muslim nations' silence over Chinese treatment towards Uyghurs Questioning the silence of the Muslim nations over China's continuous atrocities carried out against Uyghur Muslims, a noted British journalist said these nations only use the idea of Muslim solidarity when it suits them 07-Jul-2020
টিকটকসহ চীনা অ্যাপ নিষিদ্ধের কথা ভাবছে যুক্তরাষ্ট্র ঢাকা, জুলাই ৭ : জাতীয় নিরাপত্তা ইস্যুতে টিকটকসহ সকল চীনা সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া অ্যাপ নিষিদ্ধ করার বিষয়ে যুক্তরাষ্ট্র ‘অতি অবশ্যই’ ভাবছে বলে জানিয়েছেন মার্কিন পররাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী মাইক পম্পেও। সোমবার (০৬ জুলাই) গভীর রাতে ফক্স নিউজকে দেওয়া এক সাক্ষাৎকারে এ কথা বলেন মার্কিন পররাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী। 07-Jul-2020
Global Affairs analyst Michael Bociurkiw criticises Hong Kong security law, feels West should act against China Global Affairs analyst Michael Bociurkiw has described China's new Hong Kong security law as a tool used by Beijing to suppress the city's pro-democracy movement. 06-Jul-2020
'Liberate Hong Kong' slogan ban is govt's worst mistake: Co-author Hong Kong: Showing yet another Beijing's stance of allegedly controlling democratic voices in Hong Kong, city's authorities have banned the popular slogan 'Liberate Hong Kong: the revolution of our times', media reports said. 06-Jul-2020
Hong Kong: Libraries now pull out books by pro-democracy activists for review Hong Kong: In what seems to be yet another attempt by Beijing to muzzle democratic voices, Hong Kong libraries have taken at least nine titles written by localist or democracy advocates out of circulation pending a review of whether the books run afoul of the new national security law, media reports said. 06-Jul-2020
Many Dutch mosques funded by foreign organisations seeking to promote hardline Islam, warns committee Amsterdam: A committee of Dutch lawmakers have warned that several mosques in the Netherlands are being funded by foreign organisations seeking to promote a hardline, anti-democratic version of Islam. 05-Jul-2020
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