Hartal by Jamaat – People worried

14 Aug 2013


Jamaat is in the face of a great danger. Appellate Division of Supreme Court will give its final verdict on the party’s Assistant Secretary General Quader Molla’s appeal petition seeking reversal of war crimes tribunal’s judgment.

 The verdict may be announced any day after September 15. The party expressed dismay when it saw a report concerning the verdict in a newspaper on August 1. Added to the danger lurking over top leaders of the party facing war crimes charges, its registration with the Election Commission has also been declared null and void by the High Court sealing the party’s electoral prospects.


Besides working closely with BNP as a constituent of 18-Party Alliance, Jamaat is also going ahead with its own action plan to stop the war crimes trial and free its convicted and under trial leaders. This year’s Eid celebration has been marred to a large extent by the lingering shadow of a looming unrest and uncertainty as the ruling Awami League and opposition BNP are heading for a confrontation and the embattled Jamaat is also set to go for a violent action. The country’s political situation continues to get more and more volatile and unpredictable. Post-Eid politics will be confrontational with possible violence and bloodshed as a result of 48 hour hartal called by Jamaat. On the other hand, Hefazat-e-Islam is also gearing up to rise to the occasion. Its Secretary General Maulana Junaid Babunagari has become very active. Under the guise of attending Iftar parties he has been mobilizing public and instigating them to unite and undertake violent activities. Hefazat workers are feeling elated by the city corporation election results as they campaigned extensively in favour of 18 Party candidates. International media coverage and adverse comments of the human rights organizations on the excesses committed by security forces to curb their activities have emboldened them.


BNP has not yet extended support to the Jamaat called hartal. BNP is leading the 18-Party Alliance of which Jamaat is a constituent. In the past also BNP did not support hartals called by Jamaat on different issues. Frequent hartals leave negative impact on the country’s progress. British daily Financial Times in its issue of August 5 carried a report lauding Bangladesh government’s success in achieving progress in various social security measures including curbing infant mortality rate and economic as well as public health advancement. But frequent hartals accompanied with destruction, violence and bloodshed will adversely react with whatever progress the country has made and take the country backward.


The Jamaat backed anti-liberation forces have been weakened to a large extent as a result of crackdown launched by the present government and the immediately preceding Caretaker government. But Jamaat and its student wing Shibir, in collusion with Qaumi madrassa based fanatic organization Hifazat-e-Islam, have lately unleashed extreme violence and brutality in the country. People of the country are worried and they want to know whether this deadly combination will convert itself into another Jamiatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) or its associate. The people of the country are dismayed that the Jamaat of Pakistan has expressed solidarity with the anti-liberation forces Razakar, al Badr and al Shams and issued statements tantamount to interfering in Bangladesh’s internal affairs. Jamaat Bangladesh is day dreaming if it believes that it would be possible to revert Bangladesh back to its pre-independence stage.

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