Pakistani journalist attacked by unknown men in Islamabad, escapes kidnapping attempt

10 Jan 2018


Islamabad, Jan 10: Pakistani journalist Taha Siddiqui on Wednesday claimed he was assaulted by 10-12 men in Islamabad when he was going towards the airport,media reports said.

The journalist used the Twitter account of journalist Cyril Almeida to share details of the incident and said he escaped a kidnapping attempt by the attackers.

The Twitter handle of Cyril Almeida read: "This is Taha Siddiqui (@TahaSSiddiqui) using Cyrils a/c. I was on my way to airport today at 8:20am whn 10-12 armed men stopped my cab & forcibly tried to abduct me. I managed to escape. Safe and with police now. Looking for support in any way possible #StopEnforcedDisappearances."

Meanwhile, another journalist Asad Hashim shared images of Taha Siddiqui on his Twitter page.

In the images, blood stains could be seen on Taha's shirt.

Asad tweeted: "Taha Siddiqui, a Pakistani journalist, was beaten and threatened, and only escaped by running through oncoming traffic."

Asad said assault on Taha was not acceptable and it was a miracle for him to escape from the hands of those who attacked him.

"With @TahaSSiddiqui right now. It is a miracle that he escaped. He was beaten, threatened with death and his belongings taken.This is unacceptable. Journalism is not a crime," Asad tweeted.

Superintendent Police Dr Mustafa Tanveer confirmed to Dawn News that Siddiqui, who is the Pakistan bureau chief at World Is One News, approached police soon after the incident.


Image: Asad Hashim Twitter page

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