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Terror financing: FATF allows Pakistan three-month period to clean up act

21 Feb 2018


Islamabad, Feb 21 : Pakistan has been granted a period of three months by Paris-based Financial Action Task Force to clean up its act pertaining to terror funding, reports said.

Earlier on Tuesday Pakistani media celebrated prematurely 'USA's failure' after it foreign minister Khwaja Asif tweeted, " Our efforts paid,FATF Paris 20Feb meeting conclusion on US led motion to put Pakistan on watch list -No consensus for nominating Pakistan -proposing 3months pause &asking APG for another report to b considered in June الحمداللہ Grateful to friends who helped."

However, the Pakistani media failed to notice that the beleaguered Asian nation has only been granted a three-month period and not permanently taken off the list, as reported by its press.

USA has earlier pressed sanctions on Pakistan and withdrew its monetary aid.

The Trump administration had concluded that Islamabad failed to curb terrorism and further stated that most terrorist sough refuge in Pakistan.

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