US President Donald Trump may travel to Jerusalem for embassy opening

05 Mar 2018


Washington, Mar 6: US President Donald Trump might travel to Jerusalem to open the US embassy in the city later this year, media reports said.

"I may. I may," the US President was quoted as saying by CNN  as he welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Oval Office.


"They have started, as you know, construction and I may," Trump said.


"If I can, I will," he said on his visit.


On Dec 6, 2017 Trump and his administration recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


The administration is working to shift  US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.


Meanwhile, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu is currently visiting the US.


He said Israel-US alliance has never been stronger than it is now under Donald Trump's leadership.


" President Trump, the US-Israel alliance has never been stronger than it is now under your leadership. Thank you for your tremendous friendship, @realDonaldTrump. ," he tweeted.


Image: Benjamin Netanyahu Twitter page

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