Two people die as helicopter crashes in New York

12 Mar 2018


New York, Mar 12: At least two people died when a helicopter in which they were traveling went down in the East River of New York City on Sunday, officials said.

The police said three people were rescued and are currently undergoing treatment in hospital.


The New York City fire department said the pilot was successful in freeing himself.


New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro was quoted as saying in a post tweeted by New York City Fire Department:  "The pilot freed himself. 3 people were removed in critical condition and transported to a hospital along with the pilot. 2 were pronounced dead at the scene."


As per a BBC report,  authorities confirmed it was carrying six people involved in a photo shoot, before it hit the water near Roosevelt Island at 19:00 local time (23:00 GMT). 

The Federal Aviation Authority said it is investigating the incident.


It tweeted: " A Eurocopter AS350 went down in the East River near Roosevelt Island in #NYC at 7pm today. The helicopter reportedly is inverted in the water. Local authorities will confirm the number of people on board, their names and conditions. The #FAA is investigating."


The FAA said the National Transportation Safety Board will determine the cause of the mishap.


"The @NTSB will determine probable cause of the accident," the FAA tweeted.


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