France: Security forces kill Trèbes supermarket gunman

23 Mar 2018


Paris, Mar 23: Security forces have gunned down the suspect who took hostages at a supermarket in Trèbes town of France on Friday, media reports said.

The gunman, who is reported to have killed three people, is now dead, sources told BBC.


According to media reports, the gunman pledged allegiance to the terrorist group Islamic State.


Media reports earlier said the gunman had taken one person as a hostage in Super U shop in the town.


As per reports, the gunman has demanded for the release of terrorist Salah Abdeslam.


"According to our information, the hostage taker has made claims. He demanded the release of Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the terrorist commandos of the Paris and Saint-Denis attacks, currently incarcerated. Moreover, according to our information, a Moroccan known to intelligence services for radicalization is suspected of being the hostage taker," reported BFMTV.


Earlier, a policeman was shot and wounded while jogging with colleagues in Carcassonne 15 minutes away, by the same suspect, reported BBC.


Image: CNN TV grab 

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