Syrian Prez warns of retaliation against US

09 Sep 2013


Washington, Sept 9 : Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned the Untied States that there will be retaliation if the US resorted to military action in response to the chemical weapons attack in that country.

In an interview to CBS channel, Assad in his warning message to his allies and the US, said, "You should expect everything." 

When asked to elaborate, the Syrian President said, "You should expect everything. Not necessarily from the government." 

Hinting at his allies in Iran and the Islamic militant group Hezbollah, Assad warned that his government is "not the only player in this region."

"You have different parties, different factions, different ideologies. You have everything in this decision now," he told the channel, after being accused by the US for killing 1,400 of Syrians in chemical weapons attack on Damascus on Aug 21.

When asked about the possibility of usage of chemical weapons in retaliation against the US, Assad said, "That depends. If the rebels or the terrorists in this region or any other group have it, it could happen. I don\'t know. I\'m not a fortune teller to tell you what\'s going to happen." 

However, the Syrian President has denied the charges of the Aug 21 attack.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama and his administration continued to garner support both from inside the Congress and at the international level for their plans of a limited military attack on the Syrian regime with Secretary of State John Kerry travelling throughout the Europe to gather international support.

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