New tactics of Jamaat-Shibir unmasked

01 Nov 2013


New tactics of Jamaat-Shibir aimed at misleading naïve students of schools and colleges have been unmasked before the people.

 Of late mushrooming of Jamaat-Shibir controlled social network sites and blog have come to notice. Jamaat-Shibir cadres have been working tirelessly on these internet sites day and night. Their motive is to whip up religious sentiments of the innocent people by carrying out false propaganda and bring them under the party fold as sympathizers and workers. Earlier attempts to influence gullible people by organizing ‘Waz Mehfil’ have now failed to produce desired results. 

Although Jamaat came into being in 1941 it has not succeed in its mission of influencing people by whipping up their religious passion. This is the reason why it failed to garner more than 3% votes in elections during all these long years. People have understood that although Jamaat claims to be a religious organization it is not so. Jamaat founder himself said that “offering ‘namaz’ does not constitute the essence of Islam; it is only training. The real objective is to establish Islamic rule”. On the other hand, Shibir says that those who do not offer ‘namaz’ everyday will have no place in the organization and they will not get meal in the mess. This is merely a trick. 
Jamaat targets only male students. Female leadership is ‘haram’ to them. They are against women’s education and empowerment. They want women to remain within the four walls of home. This is because educated women become liberal and competent. They become less vulnerable to Jamaat’s manipulations. Jamaat says that women are meant for procreation, rearing children and doing house hold work.
Jamaat actively opposed the liberation war in 1971 and perpetrated inhuman brutalities on the freedom fighters. Many Jamaat stalwarts are now facing trial for committing crimes against humanity in 1971. The organization is now bent upon scuttling the ongoing war crimes trial by intensely lobbying at both national and international level. Jamaat is desperately seeking to mobilize opinion in its favour by projecting the trial as attempts to eliminate political rivals. They are using the Quran and Islam as shield to protect them. They are spending crores of Taka both within the country and abroad to create pressure on the government to abandon the war crimes trial. They continue to receive funds through covert channels from countries including Pakistan that opposed the liberation of Bangladesh. Another motive of Jamaat is to create pro-Pak mind-set among the people in order to bring Bangladesh closer to Pakistan.
Jamaat wants the people to forget that 30 lakh freedom fighters were killed and more than 300,000 women were raped by Jamaat workers in collusion with Pak occupation forces to suppress the liberation struggle and thwart the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971. Jamaat is basically a Pakistani organization and its umbilical cord with Pakistan has not been cut. The ongoing trials of Jamaat leaders on war crimes charges have evoked sympathies from Pakistani Jamaat leaders who called upon Pakistani government to intervene and pressurize Bangladesh government to put an end to the trial. This is obviously a blatant interference in the internal affairs of Bangladesh.
Tenth Parliamentary elections will take place shortly in Bangladesh. Fast shrinking political space for Jamaat in the country has prompted it to sharpen its anti-India rhetoric that is evident in all Jamaat publications and social network / blog. Photographs of Felani hanging from barbed wire or Bangladeshi cattle traders being beaten up naked by BSF personnel appear prominently in the Jamaat’s social network site. Although these incidents are deplorable, people should also know the truth. It is only the wrong-doers who had to face such fate. Innocent Bangladeshi nationals have never been subjected to such brutalities. Moreover, one thing must be made clear. Such border killings also took place when Jamaat was a constituent of the government and then it chose to keep quiet. Anyway, people of Bangladesh want to see an end to meaningless killings along the border.
Jamaat-Shibir cadres are trying to create anti-India mind-set among the people and they have given calls for boycott of Indian goods. Do they know what will happen if the border with India is sealed even for one day? The country will face acute shortage of potato, onion, sugar, salt and other daily needs. Qurbani will have to be stopped as more than 70% cattle for Qurbani come from India. Do the Jamaatis want to stop holding Qurbani or can they afford to do so? Bangladesh is dependent on import. If Indian goods are to be boycotted, can Bangladesh afford to import its daily requiements from other countries? It is easy to do politics by exploiting religious sentiments of the people. But governing country is something altogether different. Problems can not be solved by arousing religious passion. People are alert and they have understood the new tactics adopted by Jamaat-Shibit to mislead them.

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