France protest: 200 demonstrators detained, security tightened in Paris

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France protest: 200 demonstrators detained, security tightened in Paris
Paris, Dec 8 : As Paris is witnessing another weekend of protest by 'yellow'jacket' demonstrators, police have detained at least 200 people so far in the Paris city on Saturday.
This is the fourth week of protest by demonstrators aginst country's president Emmanuel Macron.
As per CNN report, about 1,500 people, largely male and dressed in "gilets jaunes," the yellow high-visibility jackets that have become the symbol of the movement, converged in the center of Paris chanting "Down with Macron" and "Calm down police."
Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told CNN affiliate BMTV that officers had stopped and searched 481 people as of 11 a.m. local time (5 a.m. ET) and made 211 arrests. 
Keeping in mind the protests in the city, several iconic building in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower remained closed on Saturday.
The French administration has blinked in the face of the Yellow Jacket protests with France Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Tuesday declaring a roll back of the fuel tax hike that had resulted in violent protests across the country, latest reports said.
According to the BBC, the suspension in the tax hike will be in place for six months. Philippe said the people's anger must be heard and the measures would only be implemented after debate with the affected people.
Fuel stations were running dry in France on Monday with "Yellow Jacket" protesters blocking access to the Total company's 11 fuel depots, reports said, adding that the stocks of several companies fell as a result of the situation.
Anti-government protests had engulfed France since President Emmanuel Macron hiked fuel tax as part of steps to fight climate change.
More than a hundred people were injured when protesters clashed with security forces in Paris last Saturday. Among those injured were 23 police personnel. Police said they had arrested more than 400 people.
The protesters engaged in this incident are known as "gilets jaunes", meaning yellow vests, often referred in English as the "yellow jackets". The protesters have been seen wearing high-visibility clothing on the street. The clothing is carried in every vehicle, following French law. The first nationwide protest took place on November 17.
The Macron government had earlier refused to yield. Last week, the President said, "I understand the demands of these citizens, but I won't give in to those who want destruction and disorder."
No identifiable leader could be seen leading the protest, which has gained momentum through social media.
Image: French Ministère de l'Intérieur Twitter page

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