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Pakistan wants Taliban to rule Afghanistan, says former Afghan President's brother

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 10 Mar 2020

Geneva: The brother of a former Afghanistan President has said that Pakistan is backing the Taliban group to topple the elected government in his nation.

Ex-Afghanistan President  Dr. Najib's brother,  Sediqullah Rahi, told ANI news agency: "Who supported the Taliban since the day they came to Afghanistan and into the political environment or political life of Afghan people? They are the military militia of the ISI, the intelligence agency of Pakistan. They (the Taliban) are representing the Pakistani military will."

Speaking on the sidelines of the  43rd session of UN Human Rights in Geneva, he said the recent US and the Taliban peace deal was signed against the will of Afghanistan people.

The US and Taliban signed a peace deal which aimed to end the 20-year-long violent conflict in Afghanistan.

"The peace treaty that the group signed with the United States, I am not believing them. I do not agree with them and neither does anybody in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan are very upset over this deal and the intellectual elements in my country, in my society, are totally against the Taliban," Sediqullah  told the news agency.

"The Taliban is a fanatic group in Afghanistan, a religious fanatic (group). The people of Afghanistan do not want them and they do not agree with them. The Afghan people want a sacred country. Afghan society is an Islamic society but unfortunately, Pakistan wants to rule them under this banner," he said as he referred to the Taliban.

He said: "All the patriots in Afghanistan are rejecting this deal. This is not the Afghan people's deal with the United States. They signed this deal and they talked about it behind the closed door. The Afghanistan people were not informed about all those issues that the United States talked about with the Taliban."

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