US lawmaker introduces bill to recognise Tibet as separate and independent nation

Bangladsh Live News | @banglalivenews | 30 May 2020

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Washington: Putting pressure on China, US lawmaker Scott Perry has introduced a bill to recognise Tibet as a separate and independent nation.

The bill on the issue was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

It has been sent to the White House for US President Donald Trump's recognition.

Scott Perry, Rep from Pennsylvania, was among the 32 members of Congress who signed the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission's bipartisan letter to the US Secretary of State in May 2019 urging the Trump Administration to promptly implement key legislations--Tibet Policy Act of 2002 and the 2018 Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act--passed by Congress to guide United States policy on Tibet, reports ANI.

The movement regarding the bill was made at a time when the US and China are engaged in a war-of-words over the COVID-19 issue.

Earlier, Perry introduced legislation to stand with the people of Hong Kong and support their fight for freedom and democracy.

“This week, the people of Hong Kong experienced the greatest attack on their freedoms and autonomy since 1997, with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) introduction of a far-reaching national security law – which is nothing more than another attempt to oppress the citizens of Hong Kong in order to preserve CCP’s power in Beijing. China’s actions are wholly unacceptable, and violate the very foundation of the Sino-British Declaration and the “one party, two systems” principle.

"The CCP is breaking its own legal agreement, and my legislation, the Hong Kong Freedom Act, will authorize the United States government to respond. America will continue to support the people of Hong Kong and their quest for absolute freedom and democracy,” Perry was quoted as saying in his official website.

H.R. 6947 – the Hong Kong Freedom Act - authorizes the President of the United States to recognize Hong Kong as a separate, independent country.

During a meeting of the National People’s Congress in Beijing this week, the CCP proposed an expansive national security law for Hong Kong – to ban subversion of CCP power, secession, foreign influence, and terrorism.

The law is the latest attack on Hong Kong’s independence by Mainland China, and a further erosion of Hong Kong’s freedoms and autonomy. Last year, Hong Kong experienced six months of mass protest over a bill that would’ve allowed for the arrest and extradition of Hong Kong residents and foreign visitors to Mainland China.

“An attack on Hong Kong’s freedoms is an attack on democracy and independence across the world. The United States cannot tolerate a further erosion of Hong Kong’s rights, and we’ll continue to lead the international community in condemning China’s actions,” said Perry.

Perry is a senior Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and serves on the Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and Nonproliferation. The Hong Kong Freedom Act awaits consideration by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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