China using corrupt leaders to make inroads into economically weaker nations like Nepal: Reports

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 14 Jul 2020

A report has suggested that China makes inroads into economically weaker nations by using its corrupt leaders.

In an opinion piece published in  Global Watch Analysis, it has been said that Nepal is one such case in point  at present.

"The Himalayan Nation of Nepal is emerging as a classic example of this Chinese machination where the ruling Nepal Communist Party, led by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has been seen to blatantly advance Chinese interest, to the extent that it has made many senior members of his party uncomfortable," author of the article Roland Jacquard said.

He said: "The modus operandi often adopted by China to make inroads into economically weaker nations, whether is Asia, Africa or Latin America has been to strike deals with corrupt Heads of States."

The article alleged that PM Oli's personal wealth has increased over the years.

"According to our sources, he has an account in the Geneva branch of Mirabaud Bank, located in a nondescript building at Boulevard Georges-Favon," the writer alleged in his piece.

The writer further alleged that the account has USD 5.5 million, invested in long-term deposits and shares, yielding the Nepal PM and his wife Radhika Sakya half a million dollars every year.

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