02 May 2014


Year is 1981, month- May, the founder of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and the President of the country ZiaurRahman was assassinated and due to the sudden vacuum in the Nationalist Party i.e., BNP there was utter confusion. Due to public demand and also demands from the party workers, Begum Zia the wife of ZiaurRahman took charge of the party started reorganizing the party and established herself as the leader of the party.

 She subsequently became the Prime Minister of the country as per constitution thus running the administration, but there was interference in the administration; it was none other than her elder son TarekRahman.  This interference was not a political one but he became the undeclared administrator and the center of power was “HawaMahal” (the part HQ of BNP), from where TarekRahmanused to function. He created a circle of corruption, playground for terrorists and making alliance with anti-independenceJamaat thus supporting the religious fundamentalist openly and has established himself as the “Prince of corruption”.

The fall of this mountain of corruption came during one eleven. The government of Gen Moyen and Fakaruddin arrested and sent him to jail on the charges of killing, corruption and for his support of terrorists’ activities. During that period of jail he gave an undertaking of not doing any politics till under trial and regretted to the Nation for his past activities.  He was granted bail on the ground of his treatment and went to London and stayed there. It is said that he is still unwell and undergoing treatment and he couldn’t even walk properly.  Is he still under treatment? No, that is not the fact. It is well known that for political reasons he frequently visits Singapore, Bangkok and Riyadh but whether he visits Pakistan (on the patronization of ISI) is yet to be known. He is too busy in politics in the foreign land, twisting history of independence of the country, even than it is being said that he is staying there for treatment; will anyone believe?

Even the dethroned king Faruk of Egypt could not stay is such royal way with luxury like TarekRahman. What the source of money for his luxury is, thepeople of the country know. Today, his mother, who was the Prime Minister of the country for ten years, could not give the rent for her house for the last three years as she does not have money.  The Prime Minister SkHasina has asked the official to examine the fact and wave the amount.  By not giving the rent what does Begum Zia want to prove; only she can tell.  May be, she tried to create an artificial economic condition to get the sympathy of the people. What is this artificial economic condition for? Sympathy for what? The number of houses she has in the capital and other cities in the country along with the earnings from rent is known to every citizen since the media has published the details of her disclosed earning on rent.

The main reason to get sympathy is that Begum Zia has realized that both her sons have no chance to return to the country in the near future, at least not in another five years. The court has convicted his younger son Koko, shown absconding, with rigorous imprisonment for

six years  with a fine of nineteen and half crore Taka.  By the time the government has brought back some amount of this smuggled money from Singapore. There are seven cases like nonpayment of taxes, extortion and corruption are pending against him.  Out of the 26 cases that are pending against the Zia family as many as 17 cases are pending against her older son Tarek. There are two cases (killing and explosive law) of a grenade attack during a meeting of the then opposition leader and the leader of Awami League SkHasina  on 21st August, 2004, where 22 persons were killed while injuring many people, were pending against him.  In addition of TarekRahman then state home minister Lutfuzzaman Babar, Jamaat leader Ali AhsanMuhhamadMujahid, HarissChoudhury and 30 others were accused. The Durniti Daman Commission (Anti-Corruption Commission) has filed another case of smuggling of money against him and his business partner GiasUddin Al Mamun.  In addition, nonpayment of loan and extortion cases are also there.  During the time of caretaker government, there were 12 cases against him and these were kept suspended by the order of Higher court.  Tarek, Koko are involved in so many cases.Even Dr. JubaidaRahman, wife of TarekRahman is also involved in various cases.

Charges were also framed against Begum Zia in the Orphanage Trust case and the trial will be started by the next week.  It is natural that Begum Zia will be perturbed in this situation.  The policy makers and advisors are saying that there is no favorable situation and atmosphere for the return of Tarek and Koko.  Mother is disappointed as both of her sons cannot return in the country as the doors are closed.

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