The idea of Jamaat Sibir is to defame the administration behind this kidnapping and killing

12 May 2014


On October, 2006, the situation in the country was worse with no law and order; the result is “One Eleven”, which went on for two years.

 Then the democratically elected government took power in Jan, 2009. The same extreme situation was created in the country during 2013 with continued killing and destruction of government property by Jamaat-Sibir.  As there was a democratic government in power, it succeeded in controlling the anti independence international terrorist group.  When the government was busy controlling these terrorists, BNP started giving “cover fire” from the back to this group by saying that this movement is for the demand of a caretaker government. Not only the BNP and Jamaat, but some Western countries also supported the so called movement which was against the sovereignty and stability of the country.  Even then the government succeeded because the common people were with them as they too were against the destruction and killing. Then the general election of 5th January followed by assumption of power for successive time by the same party led alliance.  BNP did not take part in the election which was one of their biggest political mistakes. Their demand of caretaker government was weakened by that time.  Considering the age of Begum Zia and mismanagement in the party, it would have been a better step for them if  they had taken part in the election.

When the government is achieving success, the Sibir started their old tactic. What happened on 28th of last month in Rajshahi University is something more than a dangerous terrorist act.  In addition, the Jamaat-Sibirh has adopted some new ways to destabilize the country and this new one is the politics of kidnapping.  Their main target is the administration and in particular to create doubt on the role of police and RAB.  Jamaat as well as war criminals are aware about the role of Police and the then EPR on 25th March, 1971 and their success in saving the country from terrorists and Pakistani followers. Now the Jamaat-Sibir and their direct and indirect supporters of anti independence are trying to make the role of Police and RAB doubtful. The purpose of this new tactic of kidnapping and killing by Jamaat is to save the war criminals and blame the police and RAB for this kidnapping. This disgusting attempt by Jamaat Sibir reminds the killing, rape and robbery during 1971.  They want to take the image of Police/RAB in such a low position that if the police start any action against Jamaat for their terrorist activities, they do not get public support in drive against Jamaat.
The government will have to be careful from now and especially on the attempts of Jamaat, who are trying to defame the image of Police/RAB on this preplanned kidnapping and killing and should starts combing operations vigorously.  This plan of Jamaat may also take a big turn as also indicated from the statement of a BNP leader who recently said that this government will be thrown away by “guerilla attack” system. In addition of Jamaat and BNP, some television channels are also showing their Pakistani mentality by sacrificing their principle against money which may be dangerous to the stability and progress of the country.  During 2013, Sk. Hasina government had taken some bold steps and saved the country from becoming second Pakistan and people expect her to take more courageous steps to take the country towards stable economic development.

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