08 Jul 2015


Sins never result in anything good. There is a colloquial saying that “sin does not spare even one’s own father”,

which is but natural. It may take some time but it definitely happens. We are talking about Jamaat e Islam Bangladesh, who started their sin/crimes during the liberation war in 1971. They blood-stained their hands with the blood of 30 lakh people of the country, raped and spoiled the dignities of mothers and sisters during the liberation. Now the time has come for them to get the results for their heinous crimes. The party is now cornered from all sides in the country. Many diplomats and international organisations were vocal when Assistant Secretary General Kader Mullah of Jamaat was convicted and hanged after trial in a court, but the position changed in the case of Sr. Assistant Secretary Kamaruzzaman. The highest court has given the final verdict of stay in the execution of Jamaat Secretary General Ali Ahsan Md. Mujahid. Special representative of Secretary General of the United Nation had visited Bangladesh many times and had given his statement but he is silent now.


The central office of Jamaat, situated in the Mogbazar area in the capital is closed for the last four years. Their political activities may be diminishing, but they are financially, still very strong. With an earning of over 300 million dollars in a year from their established businesses, they are receiving huge funds from the organisations like Qatar Charitable Society, Revival of Islamic Heritage Society of Kuwait, Institute of Islamic Political Thought and Muslim Aid - a UK based NGO. The common man knows that several countries support them. These funds are being used for unconstitutional and terrorists activities.


The improved law and order, economy in the country has frustrated Jamaat. A recent report by a UK based International Consulting Organization, PWC, has shown the position of Bangladesh economy ranking 31st. The way the country is progressing now, according to PWC, in another 30 years Bangladesh will become a developed country from developing country. The people of the country are happy with the report leaving Jamaat isolated. Due to the present scenario in the country, diplomats are compelled to change their position and the latest example for this was observed during an Iftar party organised by Jamaat on 22nd June in Dhaka.


Jamaat e Islam is not diminishing alone as it is trying to take BNP down with them. The highest court has given their final verdict against four persons for war crimes during the liberation war. Now it is the turn for Saka Chou(SalahuddinQuader Choudhury), who is the first BNP leader arrested in 2010 on war crimes. His crimes include anti humanity, mass murder during liberation war, oppression after kidnapping, forcing people to leave the country, arsons and many other. War tribunals has given the verdict of his execution and he is in presently in jail. The hearing of his appeal has been completed in the highest court and waiting for the final verdict.


The beginning of the end of Jamaat has started and BNP is waiting to follow. People want BNP to give up Jamaat as the nation needs them.

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