09 Jul 2015


Everyone has birthdays, it may be a person, an organisation, an establishment, a political party or many others.

 The matter in this column is a political party - Bangladesh Awami League, which was formed 66 years ago, on 23rd June, 1949. The founder and the President was Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and Shamsul Haque was the General Secretary. The name of the party during its inception was “East Pakistan Awami League Muslim League”.  Democracy and secularism were what weredriving the party. The name of the party was changed to “East Pakistan Awami League” in 1955 but there was no change in its principle.


The party created a storm in theinternational political arena during the language movement in 1952 and established itself in the hearts of the people during the mass upheaval in 1969.  This upheaval reflects the result of the 1970 election, when the party got absolute majority. During the time the party was being led by Bangabandhu Sk Mujibur Rahman, who was dreaming of independence.  To fulfil his dream, he gave the call for independence and started the freedom struggle along with the common people.  The result was the birth of independent Bangladesh in place of East Pakistan. The word ‘East Pakistan’ was replaced by‘Bangladesh’in the name of the party andthe new name was “Bangladesh Awami League”


The oldest organization/party, showed the direction to how to get one’s right, their language, democracy, independence. This party is Awami League. This party was created to give one’s right and not for the fulfilment of ambition of any group or person.It did not havenor has any selfish alliance with evil forces to loot the national resources.


Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman started rebuilding the war ravaged country but stopped the development after the brutal killing of Sk. Mujib and his family members and relatives present in his residence on 15th August, 1975. Top leaders of the party were also killed in November of the same year. The grand old party became lost its way after these killings. Sk Hasina, who survived these brutal killings because she was absent from Bangladesh during the time, returnedin 1981 and took control of the party. She was successful and got the people’s mandate in 1996 to become the Prime Minister of the country after 21 years when Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman was killed.


When the Awami League was in the opposition, attempts were made on the life of Sk. Hasina in 2001 and the famous grenade attack on 21st August, 2004 but she survived on all occasions. She was put in jail during the emergency in 2006 and faced adverse situations. She became Prime Minister after the election in 2008 and then again during the election in January, 2014. She has now adopted many development programs while celebrating the 67th raising day of the grand old party.


Starting from pre-independence, the party is still continuing with their main principle of secularism and democracy. The country is progressing rapidly and the latest World Bank report proves that. Many International organisations have awarded Sk Hasina for her good administrative work. Bangladesh is going to become a developed country in the near future and steps are being taken to remove poverty, fight hunger, eradicate diseaseslike child death, bringing peace in Chittagong Hill Track. These steps were appreciated by the nation and abroad.


All these successes made thecelebration of raising day of the party more luminous.

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