31 Jul 2015


Bangladesh’s economy is progressing very quickly. By 2024 it will be a developing country from the least developed country (LDC) in the United Nations list.

 In a recent World Bank report on income index, Bangladesh has been upgraded from lower income country to middle income country. The World Bank has some yardsticks or conditions to establish the national income of a country.  For a developed countrythe GNI should be 1240 Dollar, HAI should be 66 and EVIclose to 32 points. Bangladesh’s present GNI is $926, HAI is -63.8 and EVI is 25.1.  According to the rules if any one of these two index touches the mark by 2018, Bangladesh will fulfil the condition to be considered as a developing country.


This passing of stages ofBangladesh is not just due to its economic progress, but also national dignity which will help to increase foreign investments. Even after getting the recognition as a developing country, Bangladesh will continue to get the benefits like GSP, aid for trade and other facilities of LDC in export business.  The United Nations will continue these benefits for the next three years as preparations for transformation.


This achievement in economy and dignity for the country and its people is only due to the bold steps taken by the present government.  Along with this government, some establishments and individuals are also contributing in various ways.  The present government has started taking various measures to revive the rural economic condition from day one after coming to power.  A big congratulations is in order for the government and those organisations/establishments and individuals responsible for the development in various fields. The actual credit goes to the common people as their hard work, perseverance and talent is the main force behind Bangladesh’s transformation.  The natural calamities was a big obstacle for the development of Bangladesh, especially the destructions caused by the monsoon. The present government has taken appropriate praiseworthy measures to face these calamities, helping to achieve its competency. These measures made it possible to implement paddy production even in salinities, floods and draughts and its utilisation in field/remote village level.


In conclusion, the strong administration deserves a thanks for its leadership and so do the common people. The opposition parties must forget their political differences for the sake of development of the country, at least for a position of Bangladesh in the international world.

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