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SAARC Charter Day helps members renew their commitment to its principles and objectives: Sharif

08 Dec 2015


Islamabad, Dec 8 : Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said SAARC Charter Day gives good opportunity to the SAARC members to renew their commitment to the Charter and its principles and objectives.

"The SAARC Charter, signed 30 years ago, has played an important role in bringing the SAARC member states closer to each other, and this day provides us a good opportunity to renew our commitment to the Charter and its principles and objectives," Sharif said in a statement.

"SAARC has withstood the test of time, and gradually its states are making progress on important social and economic issues like poverty alleviation, education, trade and commerce, energy cooperation, and human resource development. Pakistan believes that the potential for regional socioeconomic integration by SAARC has not been fully utilized, and that the organization can deliver much larger benefits for all its member states if a more proactive approach is adopted," he said.

Sharif said one of the key objectives underlying SAARC is to enhance trust and understanding among its members.

"The need of the hour is to continue our concerted endeavors to build upon this objective in order to promote the welfare of the peoples of South Asia in all spheres of regional interest," he said.

Sharif was addressing on the occasion of the Thirtieth Anniversary of SAARC and the Thirty-first SAARC Charter Day.

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