Celebrate New Year's Eve 2016 in Maldives

08 Dec 2015


Male, Dec 3: If you want start the New Year relaxing and pampering yourself, enjoying on the stunning white, sandy beaches and relishing unrivalled luxury, Maldives is the unequivocal choice for New Year’s Eve!

The Maldives is a chain of breathtaking islands located in the Indian Ocean, owning one of the leading holiday destinations in the world for the exceptional beaches, crystal clear waters and year round tropical climate.

New Year’s Eve in Maldives is perceived with great flair and show, including traditional local events for the season that include drummers, musicians, singers, dancers and more, all coming together to entertain locals and visitors.

Everyone enjoys trying out the delicious local dishes like kiru sarubath, kuhli boakiba, gulha and foni boakiba. Singing carols are also savored in the local homes which are cheerfully decorated with strings of colourful lights for the season. Families and friends plan gatherings all evening while reuniting and spending quality time staying up and enjoying a wealth of festivities in the comfort of their homes.

All resort hotels of the Maldives celebrate the festive season in December, organizing exceptional events for Christmas and New Years Eve. Gala dinners, music and discos are organized to make sure the guests have the best time celebrating these occasions.

Resorts go all the way to make sure their guests get served the tantalizing food and chefs create menus for the grand gala dinners made from fresh local produce and the very best ingredients from around the world. Some of the resort’s culinary chefs prepare the food on the beach, allowing the guests to dine under the stars as they enjoy the wonderfully festive atmosphere.

Celebrating New Years Eve in Maldives gives you the opportunity to stay in one of its lavish resorts with all the best amenities, friendly and welcoming staff, surrounded in exquisite natural beauty.

During the holidays, the Maldives experience an inflow of tourists from all over the world, coming to the area to celebrate in tranquility. Some people prefer to stay in the city and enjoy a variety of New Years Eve activities, and other’s would rather escape the crowds and stay in one of the many exclusive hotel resorts located on the beautiful beaches. Maldives offers the best hotels and accommodations for New Years Eve 2016. The Maldives is an epicurean paradise, the perfect getaway for a luxury New Years Eve experience.


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