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Myanmar army publishes report, says it did not abuse Rohingya people

14 Nov 2017


Naypyidaw, Nov 14: After months of speculations by the international community and human rights watch dogs, the Myanmar army has finally published a report following an internal investigation on the Rohingya Crisis.

The report has cleared the army of any blame, infuriating the likes of Amnesty International.

The organisation has called the report an attempted 'whitewash'.

An Amnesty spokesperson said that the Myanmar army through the report "made clear it has no intention of ensuring accountability".

urging the internal community to step in and help the Rohingya victims, the spokesperson said, "It's now up to the international community to step up to ensure these appalling abuses do not go unpunished."

In its report, the Burmese army discarded all blames and said that it did not do the following: 

Did not shoot at "innocent villagers"

Did not commit "sexual violence and rape cases against women"
Did not "arrest, beat and kill the villagers"
Did not steal silverware, gold, vehicles or animals from villagers
Did not set fire to mosques
Did not "threaten, bully and drive out the villagers"
Did not set houses alight

Furthermore, it added that the alleged crimes were committed by the Rohingya terrorists themselves and later it was pinned on the army.

The Rohingya Crisis is one of the worst examples of ethnic cleansing in Asia.

The United Nations has termed it as 'a textbook example of ethnic cleansing'.

More than half a million people have been forced to flee Myanmar after violence broke out in the Muslim-majority state of Rakhine in Myanmar.

Among the displace Rohingya, most have sought refuge in Bangladesh.

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