Washington: Putting pressure on China, US lawmaker Scott Perry has introduced a bill to recognise Tibet as a separate and independent nation. Read more>>
China's national security law will snatch independent rights of Hong Kong: Barrister Wilson Leung

Hong Kong-based barrister Wilson Leung has said it is feared that China will use a new law to suppress peaceful resistance, opposition and activism in Hong Kong in the same manner as authorities do it in mainland China to suppress dissidents.

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As China continues clampdown, Britain is planning to give refugee to Hong Kong residents

London: It seems Britain is slowly backing its former colony as it is planning to allow hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens to come to Britain if China clamps down further on the city.

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UNSC might not lift sanctions on Taliban: Russian diplomat

Moscow: The Afghan government released hundreds of Taliban prisoners as part of the peace deal with the United States but even at such a scenario UN Security Council might not lift sanction over the group, according to a Russian diplomat.

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Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and Qatar form alliance of Sunni political Islam, says expert

Jerusalem: Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar and Malaysia have formed a new alliance in the Islamic world and they perceive India, Israel and the Christian nations in the West as their enemies, a noted expert on Middle East opined.

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US, three other allies target China over Hong Kong national security law

Washington: China's decision to impose the new national security law on Hong Kong has earned criticisms from the United States and its three major allies.

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China’s leaders ‘arrogant and aggressive’ over Hong Kong security law, says EU politician

Brussels: The head of European Parliament department that handles relations with China has said Beijing’s proposals for a national security law for Hong Kong are “aggressive and arrogant”.

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